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EQ: The Ultimate Cozy Coffee Spot


You’d really think I’d be over Heights houses turned into cute businesses, but I’m so not. I had high hopes for EQ Heights because it’s really cute, and I love coffee. We went for a brunch (not a full-fledged brunch club outing; just a quick b-fast). While it didn’t completely check all my brunch boxes, he was the most adorable coffee place that you need to spend many hours at.

Here’s what you need to know:

Parking: Heights, y’all. Don’t expect a spot in the tiny lot. There’s plenty of parking on Heights Blvd. and the side streets.

Prices: Hi, these are great prices. I think most things are under $5.

Menu: Leaves something to be desired… Don’t go hungry! There’s a mix of pastries, and they had breakfast sandwiches and flat bread (flahbread). The flat bread actually impressed my friend, Annie, but the sandwich was only eh. Think: Starbucks breakfast sandwiches.

Coffee: Just yes. I got an espresso bc I miss Europe, but the cappuccino looked stellar as well.

The vibe: The inside felt like a huge living room with mix-matched furniture, and I wanted to curl up with a book in an armchair, but it was gorgeous outside, so we headed for the huge porch. Highly recommend. There were a lot of young families and people with dogs who clearly just walked on over from where they live or post workout. It looks like a house AND feels like a house. That’s what ultimately impressed me.

In summary: Go for coffee and a good book read.

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