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Beehive Houston is All the Buzz

Alright, let’s get real here. I’m no fashionista, and never claim to be. Oh, I WANT to be, but it just doesn’t happen. Most of my wardrobe is 100% comfortable and just slides by on “work appropriate.” I mean, I wrote this for christ’s sake. Β But even I am completely stoked for this new boutique’s opening. Houston, meet Beehive.

Beehive is completely adorable, instagramable, affordable and no bull sh*t. Let me run it down for you.

The what

Beehive first opened in Austin more than 7 years ago, and since then has grown into a funky clothier with so much personality, we all literally can’t even. On top of being just a really trendy store, everything is picture perfect, from the Lookin Good Club sign and the “Houston We Have A Party” marque, to the dressing rooms and front of store disco ball. The word on the street is the pavement outside will also be styled to the store’s level and provide you with yet another spot to take a selfie at.

The where


2519 University Blvd.

It’s in the heart of Rice Village, by Urban Outfitters and Willa, next to the Chocolate Factory. Follow the disco ball.

The wear

Beehive is a mixture of basics and statement pieces. Have this funky, yellow top with these bell bottom black jeans. Or this modest black dress with colorful beading at the collar. I definitely vibed with the basics (I got a sleeveless gray sweater that was so soft, a black choker and some shades), I aspire to be able to rock one of the funner pieces.

The prices

I’ve mentioned the store is pretty affordable, but here are some price points to give you some references:

  • Sunglasses: $15
  • Jewelry: Around $15-18 for most of the pieces I saw
  • Tops: Around $30
  • Bottoms: Around $40
  • Dresses: Saw a $40 and a $50, I believe

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