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Where to Drink Now: Bars to *Fall* For

I honestly could have (and should have) written this post a little sooner. It’s already mid-October, guys! When/how/why did this happen?! I can just tell you where my surprise comes from. Sure, it’s fall… but we’ve still got summer temps. For that reason, you may still refer to the Summer’s Where to Drink Now. Or, if you’re ready for a little fall, maybe just try Oktoberfest-ing. But if you’re cranking up the A/C and wearing boots and scarves like I am already, it’s time to enjoy fall watering holes at their finest, and just wait for the temperature to join us when it’s ready.

For a fall cocktail… Wooster’s Garden


The Giving Tree. Nuts, apple and cinnamon, mon.

Where: Midtown (the cool part)
Order: Bless your heart, Wooster’s. They went above and beyond and have a whole fall-inspired menu with several cocktails that scream fall more than a PSL.
Eat: Burgers and other bar bites. The fries are great! As is the pretzel.
Bring: Anyone, really. I think Wooster’s attracts so many types of people. I’ve been there several times at different times of the day, and seen it all.
Pro tip: Parking lot! Fills up fast, but there is street parking. Also, there’s a terrific beer draught menu.
Warning: Wooster’s is pretty hit or miss. It could be PACKED, or empty af. This will affect the time it takes you to get your craft cocktail. Eye roll.

On a hot fall day… Eight Row Flint

Where: Heights, right off Yale Street.
Order: A frozen drink. My order of preference is the frozen gin and tonic, the frose and then the shandy, but honestly they are all amazing. Alternative: Cheap thrills. It’s a whiskey shot paired with a Miller High Life… and is only $3
Eat: TACOS! There’s a truck. I’ve only had the chicken but the brussel sprouts I think is a major favorite.
Bring: A big group. It’s your typical sit-down, relaxed bar and there are plenty of room for you and 5 or so of your closest friends.
Pro tip: They have TWO parking lots, and regular live music. Also, happy hour all day on Wednesdays.
Warning: Great cocktails come at a price. Most of them are $11 or so.

On a cool fall day… Julep

Where: Off Washington near downtown.
Order: A julep (duh) or a hot drink! Julep rotates its menu, and when it gets chilly, they usually have a hot drink to be your hand holder. TBT to this early post when it opened!
Eat: Oysters… $1 on Mondays!
Bring: A girl friend. The place is so southern and cute. Think of the instas.
Pro tip: There are two parking lots, and the patio, which fills up fast, has at least one fire pit (been a while since it’s been cool enough for them to be fired up, so I don’t really remember).
Warning: Gets busy frequently. You will have to wait for your drink. But it WILL be worth it.

For a beer with some buddies… Grand Prize Bar

Where: Museum District
Order: Beer. It’s a dive bar, so just go for a beer and have like 3 for 10 bucks.
Bring: Your hipster friends. Again, dive bar. Like, THE dive bar of Houston.
Pro tip: Go upstairs! If you can elbow your way to the second-floor balcony, there’s a great view of Houston. If not, the spacious upstairs has a really great vibe and beautiful lights.
Warning: Like, zero parking, aside from the neighborhood.

For a cozy night out… Canard

Where: Northside (sorta Heights)
Order: Canard puts its own spin on every drink, so you can’t go wrong with any cocktail, which are $10-$12.
Eat: Eat… before or after you drink. Highly recommend going next door to Foreign Correspondents or Morningstar.
Bring: Your date. V romantic atmosphere.
Pro tip: There is parking! But it’s a strip center, so not a whole lot.
Warning: It’s DARK in here. And, with all the craft cocktails, it’s a little hard to quickly get a drink.

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