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Rosé All Day with Lunch at Cafe Azur 

Last week, I had the pleasure of sampling Cafe Azur’s new lunch menu with some fellow Houston influencers. In addition to laughing and learning about the menu with the Houston Food Blogger Collective’s leads Renia of Gristle and Gossip and Erika of Black Girls Who Brunch and the lovely Dalida of Brunch and Conversation, I had a delightful time meeting some of Instagram’s beloved foodies like Shahir of @thatboyasad and Dominique of @dom_mcghee as well as newcomer Araz of @houstoneateries for the first time. 

cafe azur lunch menu

Given my crazy work schedule and uncontrollable wanderlust, I rarely find myself in Houston with a free afternoon to network, hangout and taste the finest of Houston eats. The lunch was not only delicious but reaffirmed how much I love the Houston blogger and influencer community! 

When I arrived, I actually had a pretty weird experience. Natalie had to cancel on the lunch last minute, so everyone was asking me where she was! I realized she probably has to go through that same conversation every time she attends an event without me–which these days is basically everything! It was so interesting to be in her shoes for once. 

But to prove that I was in fact in Houston, here’s my thoughts on the new lunch menu at Cafe Azur, the quaint French Riviera spot in Montrose. 

Rosé all day. 

There is no shame on taking the edge off in the middle of a work day with a little rosé. One might argue that the lunch menu tastes better accompanied by a refreshing sip of wine. 

cafe azur lunch menu cafe azur lunch menu

Lunch is elegant AF.

Ladies (and men) who lunch look no further for a delightful afternoon spread. Every item on the menu is artfully presented, in ideal proportions with elevated ingredients in dishes like Salmon Gravalx and Roasted Procuitto Tartine.  

cafe azur lunch menu cafe azur lunch menu

Cafe Azur lunch has some cross over with the dinner and brunch menu. I recognized a few items like the potato foam and perfect egg from the brunch visit (review here!) I made a few months ago. Repurposed in a fresh salad and Beef Bourgignon, the items have been elegantly lunch-ified. 

cafe azur lunch menu

Save room for dessert. 

Ice cream made from liquid nitrogen is not only an incredibly trendy idea that’s been cropping up around Houston recently, but I swear it tastes creamier. I don’t even like dessert much, but when the Chef Sidney DeGain makes homemade ice cream at -190C table side, I’m not not gonna eat it! 

cafe azur lunch menu

Patio is a must. 

Although we dined indoors which pulls from Mediterranean decor inspiration with bright windows, stained glass, white linens and turquoise seaside accents, the patio is a must visit spot. Between the shaded street level patio and the upstairs balcony, there’s plenty of outdoor spots to choose from. 

cafe azur lunch menu

Cafe Azur lunch service began April 2017. Check it out and let me know what you think! 

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  1. I am sold on the place! Am looking for a reason to try it soon. The food sounds fantastic. And I want to try the foam potato!!!

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