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Where to Find the Best Queso in Houston

best queso in houston
Queso, also known as liquid gold, is possibly one of the greatest food inventions of all times. The best queso is so so SO much more than just melted cheese. And believe me, Houston has some of the best queso around. There has been many a meal of mine that’s just consisted of queso and margs. And when the queso is this good, it’s impossible to have regrets.
While there are many places in Houston the serve queso, some are better than others. Shout out to the OG Mexican restaurants in town like Ninfa’s, El Tiempo and Escalante’s who paved the way for queso eaters. And borderline divy spots like El Patio, free queso at happy hour spots like Chuy’s, and my personal fav, Fiesta en Guadalajara on the Northside for doing their thing and making it cheap.

But when it really comes down to the best queso in Houston. The one that I have to take out of town friends to. The one that I’m still thinking about hours later. Which queso bowls really stand out? Which queso is really the best of the best? The best queso in Houston might not be what you think!

Vetted by yours truly and continuously tried and true, here the best spots to get queso in Houston:
1. Baby Barnaby’s. (Multiple Locations) This queso is thick af and full of cojita cheese. It’s topped with onions and tomatoes and served with strong crunch chips that can withstand the weight of this liquid gold. You legit need a spoon to stir this queso up and get the thick, wondrous cheese that’s fallen to the bottom. This queso will run you about $7 and is by far the best value for your money. Great price to cheese ratio. Also! Wait for it. Baby Barnaby’s gives you more queso than chips. You heard that right. MORE QUESO THAN CHIPS. Proof that heaven does exist.

Best Queso in Houston2. Eight Row Flint. (1039 Yale St.) The food truck that posts up behind the outdoor patio bar is hipster and legit. In addition to the fabulous Brussels sprout tacos, the queso blanco is like crack and goes by so fast you should just bite the bullet and place and order for two up front because lawd knows one serving of that heavenly goodness isn’t enough. The queso is topped with caramelized onions and gets a bit of kick from the jalapeños.

Best Queso in Houston

3. Torchy’s. (Multiple Locations) Obviously, this taco shop had to make the list. Their Green Chile Queso is a staple to any late-night adventure or hangover recovery. It’s by far the most colorful dish on the list topped with guac, queso fresco, cilantro and Torchy’s special Diablo hot sauce.

Best Queso in Houston

4. Tila’s. (1111 S Shepherd Dr.) The tacos are hand rolled by Mayan virgins. Or Carlos depending on who’s available. And the queso, which is technically queso fundido, is stuffed to the brim with fresh veggies and served with fresh warm tortillas. TBH the queso app is meal in itself and can make even the hangriest human’s worries go away. Pro tip: go during happy hour (4-7pm), grab a spot on the adorable patio, and enjoy half off appetizers!

best queso in houston

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