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Love at First Bite: Cane Rosso’s New Menu

Houston has no shortcomings of fabulous pizza options. Seriously, you could pizza from different yummy spots every day for a month without repeating. Not that you should. Actually please don’t do that.

But you know a “pizza restaurant” is really good if you go and don’t eat any pizza and still have an amazing dinner.

Cane Rosso is rolling out a new menu that does just that. Not that you shouldn’t eat the pizza, just that you have tons of amazing culinary options.


Cloud City, $9

This v boozy drink is gorgeous. Bourbon, pear liqueur, blood orange juice, lemon juice, and topped with red wine. Plot twist. It tastes like a stronger sangria.

Red 5, $9

Ruby Red vodka, aperol, simple syrup and lime juice — plus a splash of prosecco. Apparently there’s a Star Wars reference lost on me.

Patio Weather, $9

Rum, St. Germain, lime juice, habanero honey, basil. This is a tart drink you’ll drink slow and enjoy.


I know what you’re thinking. “Did you really eat all of that?” Yes, yes I did. No Regrets. Here are some of my favorites.

Fire roasted cauliflower

Calling it right now: Cauliflower is the next brussel sprout. Such potential for flavor, and Cane Rosso’s Chef JJ and Chef Matt do it so well. The veggies are roasted in a bagna cauda with an anchovy vinaigrette with capers.

Marinated seafood

Cold poached seafood (whatever’s freshest!) with citrus flavors (and even some oranges). I think I liked the lightness and freshness of this dish. If you are going for the pizza, and want something light and special, get this to start.

Asparagus and proscuitto 

You’ve heard of zucchini pasta, but have you heard of asparagus pasta? Cane Rosso has. This cold dish looks like warm pasta, but fooled you. Flavors are good, and the prosciutto is good, but I don’t like that it is soggy and cold.

Warm marinated olives and local ricotta on grilled bread

We started strong with this one. Not sure I loved olives, but I’m not sure I can say that now. I topped the bread with some ricotta with olives and YUM. Olive convert.

Frito miso

Like the marinated seafood but fried (plus some veggies). It’s whatever is freshest, so play a guessing game with what’s there. Things in my dish: shrimp, pickled green beans, jalapeno, fennel, octopus, and lemon. Yup, fried lemon. And it was good.


Definitely didn’t know what Burrata was, but I do now. It’s a soft cheese, and Cane Rosso’s dish is topped with yummy tomatoes and citrus and oil. Kind of like a caprese but slightly different flavors.

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