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10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

eyelash extensions

Under the guise of preparing my face for a make-up-less week on a yacht, I finally did a thing I’ve been wanting to do for a long time: I got eyelash extensions. And boy was I unprepared.

I’ve had my eyelash extensions for less than 24 hours, so I have a bit of a journey (physically and metaphysically) ahead with them, but I thought I’d write a quick post about what I wish I knew about the experience.

Update 6/20: I’ve had my lashes for three weeks now and am still so impressed. I’ve lost a few lashes, but overall they still look so great. I’ve been good about avoiding contact and water (which was tough on vacation), but I love that they still look great!

1. Amazing Lash Studio is the most convenient way to go.

I’m a planner and an appointment maker, but for some unknown reason, I failed to book an appointment for the lash installation (lol, probs not what it is actually called, but accurate). Lucky for me, there are dozens of locations in Houston. I hopped on the phone at 9:30 am on Monday and had an appointment set at one of the four locations near me lickity split.

2. Installation is an hour and a half affair.

I pretty much assume everything takes about an hour, but dang. Was super wrong. Budget better than I did, because I was late to dinner.

3. There are so many options.

I never know what I want to wear for a day, much less for three to four weeks. This was a tough call. Amazing Lash Studio has 4 options, but they are all customized to fit your own eyes. Here’s the break down.

Natural: People won’t believe that you have extensions, but you’ll look fab.
Cute: Meant to make your eyes pop — lashes are longest in the center of your eyes.
Sexy: That cat eye look — lashes are longest at the outer corner of your eyes.
Gorgeous: Go big or go home. This is the thickest longest lashes. (This is what I did)

4. Take it slow.

I opted to go big or go home with the Gorgeous lashes, and in some regard, I regret that. I think my lashes look great, but I’m having trouble adjusting to how they look. It’s just… not… entirely.. me. I’ll get used to them I’m sure, and I’m not sure if I would have done anything differently, but if you’re hesitant, start slow.

Update 6/20: I love that I got Gorgeous, and would definitely get them again. They grew on me!

5. “You’ll probably fall asleep.”

That’s the advice I got, and I’m here to share it again! You kick back in a bed with a blanket and wake up with gorgeous lashes. For most of you…

6. OMG OW.

Re: No. 5, not me. OK, to be fair, I did sleep a little bit, but each tiny nap ended with a burning sensation on my eyelid. Not uncommon, but was NOT prepared for that.

7. The watering is real.

Re: No. 6, STOP YOUR CRYING, EYES. The lashes are stuck on with glue, and water will weaken that glue. But the burner caused my eyes to tear up for quite a bit of time.

8. Take before and after pictures.

I think it’s doing these that made my transformation all the more incredible. Literally my eyes before look naked to me now.

9. Sleeping is interesting.

I, somewhat embarrassingly, could NOT sleep the night after I got my lashes. I was so paranoid they would rub off. I kept waking up and had the worst time getting comfortable to fall asleep. Even with my discomfort, I lost a lash on night one, which is so not ideal.

10. Drink before.

Did this one. OK, I don’t mean get plastered, but a couple poptails (wine with a popsicle in it!!) had me feeling brave (and able to nap!).

The results are in…

eyelash extensions


eyelash extensions


Sorry, the before one is extra bad because no natural lighting.

19 thoughts on “10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

    • Yeah, this is not for you haha. I have no phobia of eye things but was super uncomfortable during the appointment. It’s so bizarre and a little painful! I just hate how good it looks because now I want to go back!!!

      Welcome and thanks for reading!!! So happy to have you! 🙂

  1. Amazing transformation. I’d love to know how long they last and will you continue to do?
    The before and after pics really made me want to try myself!

    • I would do it before a trip like I did this time again HANDS DOWN, but I’m on the fence about keeping them. I love how they look without any make up, but I feel pretty restricted on what makeup i can put on my eyes, since I really don’t want to mess with them or make them fall out. I’m so torn!!

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  3. How often should you retouch them? They look fab, I must say!
    And also… how long did it take until you got comfortable / used to them?

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  7. They look great , but be careful if you start getting any allergic reactions. Not only painful , but your eyes lids and the skin around the eyes look like you are fourth years older. Sagging , skin peeling, red , itchy. I would suggest a glue test somewhere else , maybe your arm, to make sure you don’t have this problem.

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  10. Those things are definitely worth to know before getting eye lash extensions.
    I was also very excited before my first treatment.
    Now I cannot live without my lash extensions anymore.

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