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A Few of Our Favorite Things: July

July, no doubt, is not anyone in Houston’s favorite month. I mean, it’s just SO HOT. Everyone is traveling or staying inside where it’s cool.

Speaking of traveling, we’ll be keeping cool on a boat on Lake Travis this weekend, as well as some other fun destinations this month. I’ll be going to New Mexico, where temps in the mountains stay at around 80 (praise Jesus), and Anastasia is jest-setting off to the northwest to Seattle. As always, you can follow our adventures on Instagram, Twitter and our weekly newsletter — subscribe to all so you don’t miss a beat. Catch our city guides here for help planning your own (hopefully) cool vacay.

This month’s favorites are all about keeping cool, whether it’s roaming through an art museum, lightweight pants or spiked lemonade, we pray you stay a comfy temp this July.

MFAH’s Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest and Worry Will Vanish

Two’s better than one, and this exhibit brings together the digital and visual projection by Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist (aka the artist who inspired Beyonce’s Lemonade video) called Worry Will Vanish and a lighting demonstration, the Pixel Forest, created in collaboration with lighting designer Kaori Kuwabara.

The forest is full of thousands of hanging LED lights that change color, paired with the video. The video is also paired with a soundtrack by musician Anders Guggisberg, who has worked with Rist on numerous projects. The video follows the journey of society: from nature, through the human body and into the heavens.

Visiting the exhibit, I highly recommend finding a foam beanbag-looking chair and watching the film. Also, you gotta take pictures in the pixel forest — duh. Post-Pipilotti, visit the other temporary exhibits: Ron Mueck or Paint the Revolution. Hey, free A/C, right?

One Tribe Apparel’s Harem Pants

One Tribe Apparel's Harem Pants

I love fashion for a cause. Also, comfy pants.

I know… July… pants?!? Right, I spend most of my days avoiding pants, but these Harem pants are different. They are thin and lightweight and caaa-uuuute. I have a few other pants in this style and I basically live in them on the weekends. V much a part of my “at-home” clothes and yoga wear.

Plus, for every pants (or other things— they have bags and tops etc!), money is donated to the Elephant Nature Park. Save the elephants. Buy some pants.

Milk and Honey’s Perk™ Eye and Lip treatment

Starting this month, Milk and Honey has these new express services that will PLUMP (clap) you up and also hydrate your skin with minimal downtime or irritation. Bonus: Book a treatment and take home a product that will enhance your results for up to 30 days. The Perk treatments launch with a party on July 14th! Call Milk and Honey Houston for more deets.

Anastasia and I got to try the Perk Eye and Lip treatment, which is an add-on for their HydraFacial (Psst. we’ve tried that before too!). Each of the eye and lip treatments are an additional $40 or so bucks, but for both is just $75. The biggest perk (pun intended) is that you get to keep the product and continue your lip and eye plumping journey.

The treatment is pretty simple and quick (15 minutes). It uses the same sucky machine and simultaneously sucks and fills your skin with the product.

Both Anastasia and I had fuller lips and, while we didn’t super notice any difference to our eyes, we assume they will be wrinkle free for a tad bit longer than they would have otherwise. 😉

Boutique Mexico Coco Pouch

Boutique Mexico-Coco Clutch

Poms are totally in right now, and this pouch from Boutique Mexico could not be any more pom perfect. It’s bigger than any clutch I’ve ever had and it soft, so it rolls up, which is perfect for traveling.

Boutique Mexico is alllll about the native crafts and textiles of Mexico. All handmade, the products support native artisans and you can read about how each piece is made online. This Coco pouch is weaved on a petal loom in Chiapas, where the artisans operate their looms manually. “Traditional artisans work with natural fibers only cotton, wool and silk and with organic dyes made on site. The pigments come from insects, plants and minerals.”

PSA: My pom fell off, so be SUPER careful when wearing it out!

Drinks with Watermelon in Them


ICYMI, I’m now a professional bartender (basically), and, on theme with last Favorites post, where I told you pineapple drink recipes, I thought I’d tell ya one with a watermelon. I call it the Adult Watermelon Lemonade. It was kind of a throw-together drink bc I wanted watermelon something and knew lemonade would be best with it. Plus, a carved out watermelon turns into an amazing serving bowl. Here’s what it was:

Step 1: Prep by  cutting the watermelon (cut a third, then the larger part becomes the punch bowl). Scoop out watermelon balls with an ice cream scooper then freezing them AND the watermelon carcass (lol, ew). You might want to slice the bottom to make it level so it can stand up. Also, save any juices!

Step 2: Take your frozen balls and watermelon punch bowl to an awesome pool party.

Step 3: Make yo drink.

  • 1 part Tito’s
  • 2 parts lemonade
  • Splash of watermelon juice
  • 1-2 frozen watermelon balls
  • Top with soda

I put the lemonade and watermelon juice in the bowl, and let people make their own lemonade/Tito’s/soda ratio.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 until the party is over.

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