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10 Thoughts Had at the MFAH Oscar de la Renta Exhibit

A lover of art and fine things, I was most excited to tour the Glamour and Romance of Oscar de la Renta exhibit at the MFAH. Close to 70 ensembles are on display, accompanied by dashing accessories and furniture pieces from the MFAH collection. With the purchase of a ticket to the exhibit (oof, $25), you get a free audio guide that provides stories and antidotes of who wore the dresses. Definitely take your time to listen to each one. The stories really bring the outfits to life! Oscar de la Renta built up a solid model squad over his five decade career. When you go, you’ll see outfits worn by Beyoncé, Anna Wintour, Taylor Swift, Kristen Dunst, Penelope Cruz and more.

I went to the exhibit on a Thursday night after work because it’s the one day the museum is open late to 9pm! Outside the entrance, the MFAH has a DJ, bar and food trucks set up. With a Hamataro cocktail in hand and some fantastic Vietnamese tater tots (hell yeah, Houston fusion), this is definitely one of my favorite ways to happy hour.

The “Glamour and Romance of Oscar de la Renta” is on display now through January 28, 2018. Here’s some thoughts I had during this elegantly decadent exhibit:

  1. That moment when you show up to a party in a fab Oscar de la Renta dress and you’re wearing the same thing as the host. And the host happens to be Barbara Bush. oscar de la renta MFAH

  2. Oscar def went through a bit of a Russian fetish phase.mfah thursday happy hour oscar

  3. “Leg of Mutton Sleeves” is probably the least attractive way to describe any part of a dress. Only Oscar could make that be fashionable. mfah thursday happy hour oscar

  4. I wore a version of this to junior prom. mfah thursday happy hour oscar

  5. Is there such thing as too much jewelry?mfah thursday happy hour oscar

  6. This is my annual salary in a dress. mfah thursday happy hour oscar

  7. Amal Clooney’s wedding dress makes me want to start a wedding Pinterest board just so I can save it there. #inspomfah thursday happy hour oscar

  8. Marie Antoinette’s wallpaper would inspire a dress pattern…mfah thursday happy hour oscar

  9. The clothes look so surprisingly comfortable! Who do I have to bribe to try them on…mfah thursday happy hour oscar

  10. Evening pajamas…those exist. WHAT.

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