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Where’s the Best Pizza in Houston?

October was National Pizza Month, and I took this as my personal mission to eat as much pizza as I possibly could in order to make this list for you. YOU ARE WELCOME.

OK, I know this is completely subjective, but these are some of my favorite ‘za spots to enjoy a slice.


This one is worth a trip to the suburbs for. I went to the one in CITYCENTRE. It’s a pretty standard pizza place, and I was honestly surprised how simple the menu was. It’s sharable salads, pizza, desserts and drinks. That’s literally it. We started with an oh-so-satisfying caesar salad (was really craving it) and I tried the Aperol Gin Spritz. Not a lot of people like Aperol or Gin, but I happen to like them both. I also happen to be an Aperol Spritz snob, but this one was SO good.

We split a Brooklyn Bridge pizza โ€” felt appropriate with all the New York memorabilia everywhere! Unfortunately, they were out of the red peppers that comes on it, but we substituted artichoke with the creamy ricotta cheese and hand pinched Italian sausage. It was SO good. The ricotta cheese really made it, and the sausage tasted almost like breakfast sausage.


The largest slice of pizza I’ve ever had was from Russo’s. We got one at work, and this pizza slice must have been like a foot and a half long. It was just cheese, but it was yum. Russo’s is famous for its 28-inch pizzas, and they barely fit through a standard door, FYI. I ventured into the actual restaurant (just across the street from my work, on Westheimer) to discover that it, a. had normal sized pizzas and b. was a very popular lunch spot for pizza, pasta and even salads (seems wrong to order salad at a delicious pizza place, but I trust they are THAT good of salads).

We ordered the spinach, kale and artichoke dip, you know, to get some greens in and be healthy. It was absolutely decadent and kind of easy to throw back. FYI, we also got yummy house bread and olive oil dip too, so we were way caroboloaded before our pizza even arrived. We ordered the New York Village pizza, again, because NYC represent (and because it’s one of the most popular). It was like a next-level supreme pizza and was so good. Might be ruined on normal supreme pizzas now.

Pi Pizza

Under the guise of Pizza Month, I went to finally check out Pi Pizza, which is down the street from where I live. I only ever knew it as the popping place that took up all the parking spots when I’m running to get Salata. Finally eating there, I get why people skipped Salata for Pi.

I wasn’t in a drinking mood when I went, but I was so so tempted by the bottled cocktails (like the Slurricane) and the frozen drinks (like the Screwston Daquiri) โ€” you can get a small sized portion of those. Ugh, really bummed I didn’t get to try those, but all the more reason to go back! The other reason being: The pizza.

Pi has salads, sandwiches and apps, but their pizza menu doesn’t disappoint. They let you pick two halves, if you can’t decide on just one. We got the Lee’s Pizza, with sausage and pepperoni and fresh jalepeรฑos. The other half was The Business, with onions and feta. I liked that one better, but Lee’s was spicy and kinda yum. Pass the water.

Cane Rosso

Cane Rosso is a great spot for a dining out experience (hint: go for happy hour!). They have way more than just pizza too, so a good spot if you’re dining with someone who doesn’t like pizza (um also, why are you friends with this person?)

The yummy wood-fired pizza is easy to eat several slices of and there are plenty of appetizers to fill you up too. Also, best kept secret is the dessert pizzas. The Edgar has nutella and marshmallows and tbh I could live off only it!

BONUS! Both locations (Montrose and Heights) have a half-price wine night on Tuesdays! Read more in our Instagram post.


I first tried Bollo when it was brand new more than two years ago, and I’m happy to see that the wine bar/pizzeria is still alive and well on West Alabama and Shepherd. Go for the pizza, stay for the wine.


Another Neapolitan-style pizzeria spot came to town โ€” this one is like the Subway of pizza. You walk in, order a pizza off the menu or pick and choose what you want where. Then, you end at the bar where you also pick and choose.

I love Neapolitan-style pizza (clearly), and I liked the atmosphere and set up of of Midici.

Pink’s Pizza

OF COURSE the University of Houston get’s a Pink’s Pizza in my senior year on campus after three years of ordering Domino’s or getting Pizza Hut individual pizzas from the student centers. That was where I first fell in love with Pink’s but the love only grew. I love Pink’s for picking up a quick dinner or for a tailgate or game watch (yes, usually Coogs!). You can get a 12-inch or 18-inch, and Pink’s has a creative menu to choose from. My favorites are the Deuce or the Mediterranean. All their pizzas can be customized, too! Or you can build it yourself.


If you haven’t ended a night out on Main Street in Downtown Houston at Frank’s Pizza, did you even go? Known for being a late-night pizza spot, I’ve both pregamed and post-gamed at Frank’s, so sober or drunk with the munchies, I know Frank’s is always good. You can order out or just go in and grab a slice. It’s SUPER fast. Usually, the pizza is so fresh because people are coming in and out so fast, but it sits right in front of you so you simply pick cheese, pepperoni, sausage or supreme and how many slices you want and boom. You’re eating pizza in record time. Just thinking of Frank’s makes me drool a little. Every. Damn. Time.

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  1. You failed to mention the best New York Style (pizzeria) pizza! It’s at Romano’s located at W. Gray near Waugh. True Italians making the best Cheese pizza and their pasta dishes are delicious too.

    • I do like their pizza, but I felt weird about including pizzas from fancy/trendy restaurants that had so much more to offer!! If I were to recommend you order something from Coltivare, I’d probably not say pizza because their other stuff is just sooo much better. It’s a cute spot that just has way more to offer than pizza, IMO! Great place tho.

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