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CycleBar is Houston’s New Spin Obsession

CycleBar Sawyer Heights

So, I’m kind of a spin class nerd. I’ve done SoulCycle. I’ve done Revolution Studios. I’ve done both RYDE and Ride. I’m always up for a spin class and regularly find myself hearing a new song and thinking, one, two, one, two. I EVEN get up before work to go — something I’ve rarely ever done for other workouts. Sleep > most things, after all.

All this to say, I was extremely pumped to hear CycleBar was opening a third location exactly 5 minutes away from where I live. Meet: CycleBar Sawyer Heights. Here are all the ways CB is different from any other spin studio.

The Price is Right

The monthly unlimited founding membership deal (ends Nov. 12!!) is $129 a month forever (as long as you don’t cancel). That’s WAY cheaper than most studios. Even the regular membership, unlimited for $159 a month, is a great deal. Package price is also online, if you want to go on a class-by-class basis. Currently, you can get class packs for 20% off (also ends Nov. 12!!).

Check in is a Breeze

The first thing I noticed that was different about CB is the check-in process. There are three tablets where you check yourself in and see what bike you’re on. Then, you grab your own shoes (they run a half size small, so go up on your size). It’s so easy. One morning, I woke up at 5:50 for my 6:15 am class. I was there, checked in and on my bike by 6 am. (The first one there, I might add.)

A note on the shoes: I love them! They are flatter, so easier to walk in, but if you’ve cycled before, you’ll notice that you clip in on the OPPOSITE side of the pedal as most other classes. (A CB employee will help you if you’re confused.) It took some getting used to, and it’s a bit harder to clip in, not sure why. But now I prefer it!

CycleBar Sawyer Heights

The Console is a Game Changer

Most cycle places ride to the beat of the music. So does CycleBar, so that’s not new. What’s cool about CB bikes though is that they have a console that tracks your time, gear, RPM and power (which is gear times RPM). This really helps if you can’t exactly sync your peddling to your instructors. They’ll tell you what the RPM of the song is and you can get there on your own — or close! I also like that I can see what gear I’m on — and then go higher than what the instructor says because I’m an overachiever. 😉

Sometimes, You Wanna Race (and Sometimes You Don’t)

Based on that console information, CB has two large TV screens that have the whole class’s information. (This is kind of like OrangeTheory, if you’re familiar with that — just not your heart rate).  The instructor will turn it on at the beginning and end of class. Before class, they will ask, “is anyone not on here that wants to be on here or vice versa?” So, if you don’t want your name with your stats on the board (hehe, my name is “Natattack”) then just speak up.

The screens are on just at the beginning and end of class, and then, from my experience, no more than two other times for sprints. During a sprint, you can see the timer countdown and where you are on the rank. The sprints are ranked by power, so you don’t just have to go as fast as you can. You can increase your gear to amp up your power and pass everyone else in class, just like on a real bike ride (I assume, bc I do not ride non-stationary bikes, ha).

I LOVE WINNING. So, I THRIVE in these sprints with the screens — even at 6 am. But if you don’t, then you can opt out.

CycleBar Sawyer Heights

Email Validation

After class, I’d say usually IMMEDIATELY after leaving the studio, you get an email with your CB stats from the class. They tell you how many calories you burned, your average and max RPMS, your average and max WATTs generated, and, best of all, your class rank. Again, I’m competitive, so I love this info. Plus, I feel like I am more motivated in class, knowing I will get these stats.

Also, I go through phases of counting calories and I LOVE that I know how many exactly that I burned (so that I then can eat them right back…).

Arm Tracks: Best Bar None

If you’re wondering about the “CycleBAR” name… no, there is no post-spin bar pouring one out for ya. (Although that would be great!!!) CB’s “bar” comes from the fact that all bikes are equipped with two weight bars — a 4 and 6 pounder. The arm track, which comes about 30ish minutes into the 50-minute workout, uses those bars. It’s pretty cool, and the arm workouts aren’t much different from any other spin studio. Although, I have noticed, that the bar workouts tend to be a lot of shoulder-focused moves. But you do the same biceps, triceps, etc.

CB Gives Back

I’ve don’t charity rides before, but most studios don’t make it so easy. CB is always looking for nonprofit organizations to benefit from a charity ride — or rides! Set up a ride yourself or submit a nonprofit to be considered. Read more about it here.

CycleBar Sawyer Heights

Plus this is your view after class…..

CycleBar Sawyer Heights

Thanks to everyone who showed up to our It’s Not Hou ride!

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