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*Fall* in Love With #ROSCHouston + the New Mural

River Oaks Shopping Center

We’re no strangers to River Oaks Shopping Center, (check out how to have the PERFECT girls’ day in ROSC!), but the center has a BRAND new mural, so we took this as an opportunity to shop and do a photoshoot. Obviously. We hit up some of our old favorite stores (like Francesca’s) and new favorite stores (like Annie Allbritton and Vikari) and combed through some of fall’s biggest trends.

The mural, which is painted by Sebastien of Eyeful Art, is on Peden Street (runs parallel to West Gray) right behind boutique row and the River Oaks Theater (near Fuzzy’s), is so bright and colorful while also being a good neutral background that doesn’t distract from your outfit or anything. Plus, what’s really cool: The mural goes all the way up, so it’s great for a vertical or far back pic! I think this mural might be the ROSC’s new hidden treasure. Well, hidden for now. This weekend marks the unveiling of the wall. Come out on Saturday from 3 to 5 p.m. to hang out and take pix. More event deets here!

Heads up! This post is sponsored by River Oaks Shopping District
but all opinions — fashion or otherwise — are our own! 

What’s in style for fall?

As we mentioned, we shopped till we dropped (and then got up and took pix, of course). We were looking for styles that are new and popular this season. Here’s what we learned and are obsessed with.

  • Bell Sleeves. We’ve got nothing up our sleeves, and you can see that when we wear our v trendy bell-sleeves shirts and dresses that are EVERYwhere. I kept trying on items with cool funky sleeves — and wanting them all. One comment tho: How does this work with outerwear??? JK, it’s Houston, you never need a coat.
  • Cold shoulder. The summer trend has infiltrated another season, as cold shoulders are getting even colder since the style is here to stay. I saw so many cold-shoulder sweaters, which just seems counterintuitive but it’s so cute.
  • Embroidery. Anastasia found the cutest embroidery flats, but so many jeans, tops, dresses — everything — is in on the embroidery movement, and I am a fan.
  • Tassels and stone jewelry. I love a good statement piece of jewelry. Stone-based jewelry and tassels are here to stay. Poms are also in — bonus was I saw a few poms AND tassel earrings. Talk about going the extra mile.
  • Leather everywhere. A leather jacket has always been and will always be in style for fall, however I’m loving the leather-knee leggings I found at Annie Allbritton and Anastasia found a leather dress on the sale rack — score.
  • Vests: From quilted and furry to fuzzy and knit — all the vests are in style. And very useful for keeping warm.
  • Bloused-out blouses. Oversized, thin and lightweight blouses are flying off the racks at Annie Allbritton. I got an olive one that has a small slit up the side, and Anastasia got a light pink/beige one with a cute tie (pro tip: tie it in a bow and let it hang down).

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