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Lawless Spirits & Kitchen: Hidden Gem of Downtown Houston

I love many neighborhoods in Houston, but I think my favorite go-to place for a good time is Downtown Houston. When people ask for recommendations on where to take out of towners, I always refer them to the hustle and bustle of the heart of our city. I love going to the Conservatory for quick dinners (I have no clue why we haven’t blogged about that spot yet), sneaking into the Marriot Marquis and taking pictures of the Texas shaped pool, checking out the rotating art at Discovery Green, brunching at the adorable Honeymoon Café, and overall losing myself in the height of the buildings and the mishmash of architecture.

I particularly love the charm of the old buildings and neon signs on Main Street. That 3-4 block stretch of bars has everything you need for an evening of adventure and mayhem. You’ve got the classy cocktail options like Pastry War and Foxtrot’s Bad News Bar. You’ve got the mecca of do-good yuppies at Okra. The dark, cozy living room vide of Dean’s. The sweaty bumping dance floor of Boots ‘n’ Shoots, and the amazing rooftop patio of Live Sports Bar–for real, if you haven’t been you’ve been missing out on all of these things.

But another hidden spot in the center of it all is Lawless Spirits & Kitchen. On the second floor of Sambuca in the historic Rice Hotel, this gem of a restaurant and bar offers so much charm and ambiance to the downtown nightlife. The bar gets its name from the fact that the headquarters of the Republic of Texas was housed in that same building when our fine state declared independence from Mexico in 1836. Calling all dissenters and non-conformists, this place is for you. Located at the corner of Travis and Texas, Lawless is a nestled just a block away from other favorites like Frank’s Pizza and the Flying Saucer.

This post is sponsored by Lawless Spirits & Kitchen. But all opinions and adventures are proudly my own!

The vibe of the bar is actually very classy. It’s not trying to hard to be something its not. It’s very authentically Lawless with plush leather chairs, wood paneling and beautiful tiling. Due to all fabulous natural light and lovely balcony, I actually hosted a photography event here back in March (here’s the post!). Plus, on Friday and Saturday nights, Lawless pushes back the tables and brings in a DJ!

Music with DJ Miel starts at 8pm and has half-price champagne cocktails (my favorite!!!) all night. Listening to throwback hits, sipping on French 75s and catching up with old friends in the cozy bar made for a great night. Despite the chilly weather, the bar manages to have warm, welcoming vibe. It’s definitely classier than some of the places we often frequent downtown. You don’t have to worry about weird sticky substances on the couch or stepping in questionable things in the bathroom. It’s a good place to go to happy hour with your coworkers or bring out of town friends for a drink. Right now, the bar is gently lit by wreaths and garland, and the patio outside has heating towers for when the temperature drops.

lawless downtown houston dj

The bartenders are a super chill and down-to-earth crew. They were great at making drinks (we dabbled with aaaaaaall of the cocktails) and were totally down to try out new combos when my friend (who’s also a bartender) started reciting out recipes and rummaging through their alcohol cabinets. It’s also connected to the Rice Hotel which is hosting a fantastic New Year’s Eve party (here’s 10 Reasons to Go to the Crystal Ballroom for NYE).

Given its history, prime location, and great vibes, Lawless Spirits & Kitchen is a great place to kick off a weekend night in Downtown Houston.

lawless downtown houston dj

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