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How to Get Involved with Dressember Houston

Dressember Houston

A quarter of the nation’s human trafficking victims are right here in the Lone Star State, and that fact doesn’t sit well with me. Our state’s access to the port and its foreign border open a huge door for traffickers moving in modern-day slaves. Last year, I joined a group of women fighting to save these victims. I didn’t know at all what I was signing up for, but that I just had to wear a dress every day for the month of December. Turns out, I helped fundraise over $1,000 with my team for the national organization called Dressember.

This year, we are back and better than ever and have even more ways for you to get involved! Click here to donate.

Our Facebook page:

1. Raise awareness

Dressember Houston

Did you know those *fun* facts I had above regarding Texas’ human trafficking problem? Did you know about Dressember? Honestly, probably not, right? You’re in the majority. The first and foremost goal of Dressember is to educate people on this problem.

There are more slaves now than ever in human history. It’s a problem and we’re not talking about it enough.

Wearing a dress, posting to social media, directing people to more information or a fundraising page — this is what we need to be doing all month. Well, I mean, all year.

2. Attend an event

Last year, in our relative newbie phase, we had a photography event. It was great! We raised money, partnered with other organizations and had fun!

This year we’re having a whole series of events, including, but not limited to:

  • Dressember Houston Meet and Greet. Friday, Oct. 12, from 5 to 8 pm, at Eureka Heights. Beer (on you!), snacks (on us!) and a chance to win a raffle! The entire brewery’s purchases this night will go to our cause! Bring all your friends and spread the word. We’ll be educating everyone about Dressember and how to get involved. Learn more.
  • Dressember Houston Holiday Photo Fundraiser. Saturday, Nov. 17, from 1 to 4 pm at A 2nd Cup. Get your holiday photos and shopping done! We’ll have a free photoshoot (with your donation), partner organizations and more holiday cheer!  Learn more.
  • Dressember Houston Sip and shop. Friday, Dec. 7, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at Forth and Nomad. Get a sips and a swag bag from our partners with a minimum donation. Learn more.
  • Dressember Houston at CycleBar. TBD!
  • Dressember Houston Pilates in the Park. TBD

3. Fundraise with us

I know, committing to a dress every day is a lot. No matter how many times my legs froze or how uncomfortable I was going for a run in a dress (we did a 5K earlier this year!), it was worth it to me every time I got to explain what Dressember is and why I was doing all this.

If I can do it, you can do it.  To make your page, click here. You can create your page THEN join a team, or do it from the start — just search “Dressember Houston” and then message us on Facebook!

Fundraising not your thing? Click here to give. Doesn’t have to be much at all — every dollar counts!


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