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What to Know Before You Go to Rooftop Cinema Club

Rooftop Cinema Club

The coolest thing just opened in the HOU, guys. It’s only the 5th location in the WORLD of the UK-based Rooftop Cinema Club, so there’s a lot you might not know about how this thing works, but here I am to tell ya.

It’s in Uptown

I think the plan for this fun rooftop movie watching experience was originally to go downtown atop a trophy tower or something, but the RCC landed in Uptown on the roof or 5th floor of BLVD Place. It’s kind of perfect. It’s not too high up and the perk is that there’s tons of parking. Go right on up to the 5th floor parking. There’s parking right alongside the theater and bar.

It’s cute as can be

Rooftop Cinema Club

An Instagrammer’s dream! Cute colorful astroturf, picturesque skyline view, giant popcorn to pose with, cacti-filled truck to stand next to. Honestly, the list goes on and on. Make sure to get there before sunset so you have good light!

They show the classics

You won’t see any new releases here. At least, none are scheduled at the moment. What is scheduled? A lot of cult classics. We saw Dirty Dancing! They’re pretty much all movies you’d know and love. PS. Since the theater is 18 and up, almost every movie is fair game.

You wear headphones

Due to road noise and sound pollution probs, you wear a set of comfy, noise-canceling headphones that are radio-synced to the show. Sucks if you’re on a first date trying to chit-chat about your lives, so maybe come early and have a drink before to do that. Which brings me to..

You eat and drink p good

Rooftop Cinema Club

Full bar full of fun movie-themed cocktails: There Will Be Blood Orange, South Side Story, Tropical Thunder, The Hills Have Ryes, Citizen Sugar Cane — all too great. Plus beer and wine. There’s also food from Good Dog! The menu has both their classic faves and some special items for RCC.

You need to book in advance

The bad news bears (keeping with the movie puns, of course) is that shows always sell out fast. You’ll need to book online. Click here to see the shows.

The seating experience

Overall, loved the whole experience at the RCC. So freaking cool and I 10/10 would recommend. However, I think I lowkey hate the chairs you sit in. You do sit very low to the ground — like on the ground — which is great because, as the screen is pretty high up, there’s not a person in the world tall enough to block your view. The chairs are basically beach chairs — a few sticks of wood and a canvas material. No pillows or padding. Not ideal, IMO. It is pretty cool that there are a couple rows of the double chairs — the couch of beach chairs. Those look like more prime seating, so maybe those are different!

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