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Sip Eggnog All Over The Heights This Holiday Season with Nogsmas

Every year, Heights-area restaurants band together for an eggnog scavenger hunt. And yes, winners get a prize. This year marks the fifth year of Nogsmas! I’ve actually participated with my same group of friends every year — it’s one of my favorite holiday traditions!

This year, there are eight bars and restaurants between Washington and just north of 610 that have teamed up to serve specialty eggnog cocktails. They are each different and special to the location’s personality — for instance, Suprica (tex mex) has tequila in theirs this year!!!

Participating is pretty simple. Go to one of the Nogsmas bars and restaurants, say you’re there for nogsmas, and get a nog! They are usually around $10, by the way. You’ll be provided a stamp card — don’t lose it! And don’t forget to get it punched at each spot.

What’s the prize for getting all 8? Well, we never know. In year’s past, they’ve all been alcohol-related — glassware, cocktail ingredients, etc. You attend a party after Christmas with your complete card to claim your prize. Details of this event haven’t been released yet.

Anyways, the participating spots this year are:

  • Coltivare
  • Eight Row Flint
  • Superica
  • La Lucha
  • Lei Low
  • Downhouse
  • Cottonwood
  • Liberty Station

My verdict

I’ll have my personal ranking once I get to them all — only been to 6/8 so far, so here’s the current standing.

  1. Lei Low had one of my top nogs in 2017, and this year they’ve done it again! Their coquito — a Puerto Rican drink — is so good! And, at $9, it’s the cheapest eggnog on the list so far! (This is an expensive hobby I have.) Anyways, coconut milk, egg, evaporated milk, and two types of rum = yum! I also just LOVE this bar. So unassuming and the tiki Christmas music is… uh.. something real special.
  2. Superica was an early fave! I really admire the creativity with tequila and dairy (it weirdly works) and the fresh cherry garnish! I thought it was so good, but it was a little too out there for some of my friends.
  3. Eight Row Flint is probably in my top 5 favorite houston bars, so maybe I’m partial, but I’m so glad it’s back on the Nogsmas list this year! Their take is pretty classic and boozy — Jameson and rum with cinnamon cream and egg white. It was so easy to drink. Just not very creative with no garnish.
  4. La Lucha’s take is very classic. Brandy base — but it didn’t really taste very strong. I usually want a big liquor flavor to my eggnog. However, I did appreciate $1 oysters during the day on weekends! (Not the best pairing, but delicious separately.)
  5. liberty Station ran out of nog and it was extremely disappointing — but the bartender did make us one to share. It’s sad because I think (Based on my two sips) this one would have been into this one. There’s scotch and an allspice liquor in it.
  6. Coltivare has had some pretty middle of the road nogs for me and this year is really no different. The drink is served in a copper mug with a garnish of soaked cranberries — so festive! But the Rye, Italian liquor, egg white, and cream concoction was very frothy and felt more like a dessert than a drink.
  7. Down House, which we did for brunch — 10/10 recommend!! — has been the only constant on the nogsmas list every year and I love love love that they always do something different. This year’s take is extremely creative, but totally not my cup of tea. The eggnog is stout based with sherry and gingerbread syrup. If you like stout, I think you’ll love it. I’d pretty much rather drink anything other than stout, so this one becomes the only nogsmas drink (of all time?) that I’ve not finished. (I was sporting a nasty LITH hangover, and it was not the hair of the dog I needed in my life.)
  8. cottonwood also ran out and apparently they had been out for a couple days. Very very sad — we didn’t even get to try it!

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