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A Few of Our Favorite Houston Gift Ideas

Gift giving is hard these days — seriously, we have everything right at our fingertips, and I mean that quite literally. But one way I like to keep my gift giving custom and pure is through picking out the best HOUSTON gifts. For one, you’re supporting local spots — GO YOU! And for another, your gift will be meaningful to that loved one. It’s not just something they can find online — it’s a Houston treasure.

1. A Favor Gift Card

Heads up! This guide is sponsored by Favor Delivery. All opinions are my own.

I know what you’re thinking. “How original, Natalie. Didn’t you JUST say you like giving the gift of Houston?!?” Well, what’s more Houston that $50 or $100 to eat from one of the HUNDREDS (Thousands?!) of Houston-area restaurants? Last year, I blogged about how Favor gift cards make for a fab last minute idea and gave my favorite Favor restaurants. (Read it here!) This year, I have 5 other recommendations for perfect ways to use a Favor credit during the holidays:

  1. Cowboys and Indians. We love this place for brunch, but hey, sometimes you want brunch in bed, and Favor can make that happen. Plus, get a free kheer rice pudding when you spend $40 or more!
  2. Araya Artisan Chocolates. I see this one on the $1 deliveries all the time. They have the cutest gift boxes that makes it easy on you for grabbing a hostess gift or last-minute present.
  3. HEB. The real MVP in party hosting is HEB. Whether an impromptu party just happens or you planned for fewer people than turned out, HEB is great for ordering extra snacks and beer and wine so that no one has to leave the party to get more resources!
  4. Common Bond Cafe & Bakery. Whether you want just a coffee and a croissant — or maybe a dozen — Common Bond can hook you up with lunch, breakfast, bakery items, and even cake!
  5. Niko Niko’s. This is definitely in my top 10 (maybe even top 5) favorite Houston restaurants. It’s cheap, there are loads of options, and, oh yeah, it’s delicious. Love getting the loukamades (hot fresh honey balls with powdered sugar!

Ps. Check out our instagram for a special Favor gift from us to you!

2. Source Vital gift bag

Did you know Houston was home to an all-natural skincare line? Well, now you do. Source Vital is one of my favorite Houston gift ideas. They have adorable gift sets that give your gift recipient a little taste of how great the line is. Check out all their holiday gift ideas here. The Shop Til You Drop set is perfect for moms, grandmas, aunts, alike. It’s tons of pampering in one little parcel. There are also men’s shaving or beard sets — treat your man with a way for him to treat himself!

3. A HOU Hat

Whenever I wear one of my TWO HOU hats, I get a compliment. It’s a great gift for any Houston-lover with a head. Now, I originally got my two from Pretty Little Things Boutique and UH (I know! It’s cute, and red, and football official). You can find them at most boutiques in Houston, or on Amazon. Also check out this 713 Hat!

4. Accel Lifestyle tee

Here’s an idea for you fit fashionistas! Accel Lifestyle is based here in Houston (they had a pop-up shop at our bday party!!) They make an ethically-sourced, anti-stink fabric and they use it to create the CUTEST little tops — crops, tanks, you name it. I just love that it makes for a great story and is a little Houston success story. Check out some our favorite Houston boutiques to shop local!

5. Houston art from Anvil Cards

My friend, Vivian, gifted me a cute little Houston skyline print from Anvil Cards for my birthday, and, well I loved it. Giving away her secret so that all y’all can gift someone else you love with something similar! T-shirts, magnets, stickers, oh my! They have some stuff online, but I recommend going to their store in West U.

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