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5 Reasons to Try Delivery Laundry Care Service in Houston

Is your New Year’s resolution to work smarter, not harder? Enter: Laundry Care — the premium pick-up and delivery laundry service in Houston that’s here to save you time, make your life easier, and keep your closet organized.

I tried out Laundry Care delivery laundry service in Houston over the holidays and I’m sold–especially for pesky annoying things to wash like pillow cases, comforters, and linens.

Heads up: This trip was sponsored by Laundry Care but all opinions and recommendations are my own!

How Laundry Care Works

Booking Laundry Care was a simple and seamless process. After creating an account on the website, I selected a 1 hour window for pick-up. I chose same-day pick-ups twice. I selected the type of laundry I wanted washed and then packaged everything up in a 13-gallon kitchen trash bag. In one bag, I did all of the decorative pillow cases from my bed and couch cushions and I stuffed the other with all of my sweaty workout clothes.

After submitting my order, I was contacted by Amy, my delivery driver to confirm the laundry pick-up and drop-off times. She also confirmed how I wanted the clothes washed (air dry, delicate, stain treatment) and if I had any allergies to detergents.

I had planned to meet Amy in person to do the pick-up (paranoid about holiday package stealers). However, I had to leave my house so I texted her a picture of the bags on my porch, and she got them a few minutes later.

Two days later, my laundry was delivered at the specified time when I was home. Amy sent me a text when she dropped it off, so I knew when to go down and get it. So easy!

5 Reasons to try Laundry Care

  1. It’s easy to schedule. I selected same-day pick-up and my driver was there in a couple of hours to collect the laundry. The driver was on-time for both pick-up and drop-off. I booked online, but they also have an app.
  2. You talk to a real person. But seriously, it was so nice to be able to text directly with Amy to coordinate logistics for laundry pick-up and drop-off. She was a real human (who uses emojis!) and not some automated system that can’t understand free text. Our communication made a difference.
  3. Laundry Care folds the clothes so nicely! The clothes were returned folded and sorted in clear bags. Without instructions (!!), they separated my clothes from my boyfriend’s from the pillow cases and made everything so neat! It took me all of five seconds to put everything away.
  4. Laundry Care can clean complicated, delicate items. I was especially stoked to use the service because I had been itching to wash my couch cushions and decorative pillowcases on my bed. The pillows had intricate beading and embroidery and I felt nervous washing it myself. Laundry Care did a great job with the delicate embellishments and all the bedding (and my sanity) was returned intact.
  5. Laundry Care can handle bulky items. If you’re throwing a party or hosting guests and have a bunch of dirty linens like tablecloths, blankets, comforters, or pillows, Laundry Care can take care of those too. I think it would be super convenient to use Laundry Care and spare yourself time flipping laundry loads all day. Great idea if you run an Airbnb!

Overall, I loved the convenience of using Laundry Care. The team was professional, the quality of the wash and folding exceeded my expectations, and no one stole the laundry bags off my porch during the craziness of the holidays! Each 13-gallon trash bag –stuffed to the brim–cost $35. For me the price is a bit steep for average laundry (like workout clothes), but worth every penny for the complicated or bulky items (embroidered pillows, comforters, etc.). Laundry Care is currently in 48 major US cities.

Have you ever used a delivery laundry service in Houston? What do you think?

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