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Nailed it: A Houston Guide to Manicures on ClassPass

I’m big on the idea that you deserve to treat yourself with a cute mani/pedi moment every once and awhile (aka monthly? seems fair…) and I have been exclusively treating myself to this beauty and self care routine via ClassPass. Y’all, there’s so much out there to enjoy some R&R with almost any type of manicure or pedicure you want!

ClassPass has dozens of wellness and beauty experiences in Houston — and new partners are being added on the regular. BTW: It’s completely free to try ClassPass for two weeks (4 classes). Click here to try it out! (ClassPass Partner Link)

Let’s get ourselves some mani/pedis, shall we??

Make it a combo

Want a booking that does both? From personal experience, I haven’t found too many spots that let you book both a mani and a pedi at the same time, but Rumor Has It has a basic mani/pedi for 16 credits. If you’re looking for an upgrade — shellac, dip, etc. — just be prepared to pay the difference!

Treat yo’ feet

Not gonna lie — I’m one of those who splurges for the VIP pedicures. Paraffin wax? Yes please. Extra long foot massage? It’s a yes for me. Bliss Day Spa has a Deep Heat Pedicure for 21 credits and I highly recommend. Plus, it’s such a cute lil spot!

Top of the line claws

I am extremely picky about my nails. It’s my toxic trait, for sure. I regularly got shellac that lasted 4 weeks and that period in my life has spoiled me forever. Whatever you’re getting — shellac, dip, regular polish — I recommend M T Nails and Facial Salon. It’s honestly just the smoothest experience I’ve had with lasting manicures! Gel is 13 credits and dip is 20 credits.

Let’s get specific

I’m so impressed with Prestigious Nails‘ options — they have something for everyone! De-stress pedicure for 24 credits, Dreamland manicure for 16 credits — even a Self-Indulgence Pedicure, which like, say absolutely no more. SOLD.

Some tips for CP beauty experiences

A couple tips I wanted to share on booking beauty services on ClassPass.

  • Tip isn’t included. Your safest bet is to bring cash, but some places will either run your card so you can tip OR let you use Venmo! I usually tip $5-$10 depending on the service,
  • Upgrades will cost extra. If you have shellac you need to remove, expect to pay $5 or so extra. Plus, if you decide to upgrade to a better service, you’ll just pay the difference.
  • Bookings are requests — not a sure thing. When you book beauty services on ClassPass, it’s a bit different from booking a workout class. These are more like requests, so you might get an email saying “Hey, sorry, nvm about that mani. Here are your credits back.” It can be frustrating, but that’s how it is so be sure to plan in advance!

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