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Melange Creperie Has Finally Found a Home in Heights Mercantile

I have been a fan of Melange Creperie from the start. Back in my Midtown days, the allure of crepes would motivate me to drag my hungover soul a few blocks down the road to the corner of Taft and Westminster where I would stand in line in the heat with a steady crowd for 30-45 minutes for one of Sean Carroll’s inspired crepe creations. Inspired by the proliferation of street crepes in France, Carroll bought a cart with two burners and gave Houston the gift of the illustrious crepe.

That cart was until the lease on the building where he set up shop on weekends ran out and he was unceremoniously displaced. (I passionately wrote about that episode here). I followed his saga of Kickstarters and excitedly latched onto the rumors that he might soon inhabit the old Eatsie Boys space in Montrose (next to The Black Labrador). This period was a dark void without these magical crepes.

My spirits were enlivened when I found that they had found a new spot in the trendy af underground foodcourt known as the Conservatory downtown. Although it was no longer considered street food, the crepes were as good as ever. And I thought that was it…

UNTIL. I found their food court space evacuated and and the Melange Creperie logo nestled in the an even trendier spot–Heights Mercantile. 

The menu at this new spot has since been expanded greatly. The crepe menu continues to have classics like ham/cheese, nutella, and some of Carroll’s crazy concoctions like the Chinese Jian Bing (egg, sriracha, sweet chili and a wonton) that I’ve been getting since his street corner days. But the restaurant (wow! we can call it that now!) also offers an array of sandwiches, salads, teas, etc. When I went, I obvi had to get a crepe–this time it was lemon creme, arugula, smoked Gouda–but the expanded menu offers a bunch of vegetarian options, so I’m excited to come back.

Heights Mercantile Shopping Houstonmelange creperie menu houston heights

Somehow the time to get a crepe hasn’t changed. it still takes 25+ minutes even though there is like 5 burners going and a full staff. When I went, I actually took my order number and a cup of water and wandered around some of the shops in the Heights Mercantile area–lululemon, Gypsy Wagon, etc!

So don’t go there if you’re in a rush. The cafe is too cute to speed through. The chandeliers, pastel geometric tiles and warm light create a very inviting space–quite the transition from the cool underground Conservatory. There is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and it’s the perfect place to read or enjoy a coffee on a Saturday.

Heights Mercantile Shopping Houston

I’ve been cheering them on since the beginning, and hoping for them to get their own place of their own. And I’m excited to see that they’ve found that in Heights Mercantile! If you haven’t been, put it on your foodie agenda stat.



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