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A Brunch Klub Ode to Canopy on Montrose

There once was a group who liked to eat.

Sunday was always their favorite treat.

They tried a different place each and every week.

Finding a fresh resto was quite a fun feat.

They scoured the internet for raving reviews,

From Yelp to UrbanSpoon to find something new.

This week they found where they wanted to be

A quaint restaurant in Montrose named Canopy.

It had stylish decor and a patio with shade.

Arriving at 11, being seated was not delayed.

We got coffee to start and laughed at our waiter’s quirks,

He was a bit spacey but made us laugh while he worked.

We ordered Blood Orange Mimosas in a pitcher full as can be.

We all enjoyed at least two glasses–or was it three?

I got the Omelette boasting some innovative Mexican zest.

Cherry tomato, corn, and pepper filling made it the best.

I’d recommend this huge dish because the flavor combos are great,

but I swear they must use a dozen eggs to make it–at minimum 8!

My friends all ordered something different to taste .

Here are some quotes* for what they thought of their Canopy plate.

The Egg Sandwich may be something you might want

If you value “the perfect ratio of cheese and egg on a large fluffy croissant.”

The Migas served without the chorizo were as good as can be

My friend “LOVEEEED them” (yes, direct quote with four Es).

She said they were “at least about as good as the best we’ve had.”

Okay, Canopy. I see you. I see you. Not bad.

My other friend sums it up simply, so as to be not misunderstood,

She got the regular Migas and proclaimed “Migas good.”

In conclusion, there wasn’t much that the place lacked.

Well done, Canopy we’ll sure to be back.


Canopy, 3939 Montrose Blvd.

This has been a #BrunchKlub Poetry Production.

*Actual quotes, from actual people about the food they actually ate at Canopy.


Canopy on Urbanspoon

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