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#BoxHaul: My First BIRCHBOX

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So, a lot of my friends and family members (even my mom!) subscribe to BIRCHBOX. I finally broke down. Each month I’m going to do a short photo-heavy review of the box, ranking my favorite products.

I got my box a few days ago and I’ve tried pretty much all of it. I think I was a little to thrilled to get it so soon—I ordered like, a week and a half ago! I signed up for the “party box” created by Lo Bosworth—whatever that means. Turns out it means holiday party must-haves. It appears I’m a little too late to the party—pun intended.  I got a little card explaining the items—it started with “Hello Gorgeous,” so I’m obsessed.

1. Folle de Joie Eau de Parfume, $98


I would like the most expensive one. But seriously. It smells so good. Strong, but not overwhelming. Sweet, not not nauseating. Just. I want. If I get enough BIRCH points…. man…. I’m getting it.

Basically: #worthit

2. Davines Replumping Shampoo and Conditioner, $25.50 each



I could seriously write a love letter to the smell of all of these products. This shampoo-conditioner combo might be doing the “replumping” it’s promising, but I’m too busy being distracted by the smell.

Basically: #BRBsmellingmyhair

3. Cynthia Rowley Beauty — Creamy Lip Stain, $20


I really like the color I got—not sure if everyone got the same color? But it’s less a lip stain as it is a long-lasting gloss. Which is FINE by me. I hate sticky stains.

Basically: #WhoWantsAKiss

4. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré (24-Hour Miracle Cream), $28


I literally never wear moisturizer, unless its free. SO THIS IS PERFECT. I used it two days now… and my face is so moisturized. The price isn’t even that bad since a little goes a long way.

Basically: #ThisIsWhatDreamsAreMadeOf

5. Davines Replumping Hair Filler Superactive, $39.50


Not sure I would buy this guy since he’s a little pricey and I don’t really see a “replumping” happening. My my hair is soft and maybe there’s a little more body?

Basically: #itswhatevvz

6. Ruffian Nail Lacquer – Ruffian Red, $10


I think this one is at the bottom for only two reasons: it isn’t that special and I haven’t used it yet. Miraculously, my nails haven’t chipped yet. PRAISE THE NAIL GODS. But, I’ll use it soon because I like the color and, wait wow is it cheap.

Basically: #IdLacThat

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