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#BOXHAUL: Birchbox, Stop Telling Me I’m Ugly


OK, so this is a *slight* exaggeration. I’ve loved Birch for evvaa, although I feel like there can sometimes be some judgement sometimes. Like, this haul for instance… the Paula’s Choice Clinical Treatment Cloths, that treat non-face acne. Granted, it’s not something I would have ever thought to buy, but that’s because I don’t have the need. Did I use it? Yes. Did I like it? Sure. But, the point is, it just isn’t my thing. And I’m also annoyed at what Birchbox is trying to say… like I know my complexion isn’t THAT great, but shit can you refrain from calling me pimply? Yeah, I know. I’m overreacting. I’ll go bottle up my emotions now.

What: Paula’s Choice Clinical Cloths
Why not: Bc no one tells me how to live my life, and definitely not this Paula lady. Does she even go here?
The call: Nah, I’m good bruh. Way too expensive and not a necessity for me. TG.

What: Rusk Texture Spray
Why: Bc I love texture and spray. And  I love it for my hair.

The call: Soft yes. I like the feel, but I might explore some cheaper options if I get hooked on this.

What: Amika Hair Mask
Still not sure: Wait, what’s a hair mask and how does it work and what is the point and wow this smells good but wait still WHYYYY
The call: OK, I feel like this is so superfluous, but then again, aren’t all beauty products? #micdrop

What: Real Chemistry Peel
Why not: Bc no one wants to put chemistry on their faces—mainly because of 10th grade flashbacks of near failing bc shit, chemistry involves MATH?!
The call: This did not peel well. And there wasn’t very much in there. And what is worth $48. Nah.

What: Benefit High Beam
Why: All the yesses. I love benefit and I love eye brighteners. They instantly make me prettier. It’s effing magic cream.
The call: BRB getting married to a highlighter make up thing.

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