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Your Go-to Brunch Drinking Game

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There is a certain type of person that goes to brunch. And that person likes booze. That carafe of sangria, bloody Mary bar or bottomless mimosa always has your name on it because you believe that brunch should be a celebration. Whether you’re there to conduct a therapy session for last night, catch up with friends, cure the hangover, or amp up your instagram game, you deserve need an effing drink. Cheers to surviving last night, rolling out of bed, looking semi-presentable, and arriving only 30 minutes after the designated meeting time. And since brunch can always be more boozy here’s a drinking game that’s sure to take the edge off.

Drink every time:

  • Someone instagrams their food
  • Someone snap chats their food
  • You see a Louie Vitton bag
  • You see lululemon
  • You see a child wearing clothes with a price tag that rivals your rent
  • You see someone still doing the walk of shame
  • Someone orders extra bacon
  • Someone fails to pull leggings off as pants
  • Someone with a dog in their purse
  • Someone who orders only dessert
  • Someone who orders only coffee
  • You spot a gay bff
  • You spy a couple arguing
  • You see designer gym shoes
  • Someone at the table says the word “hungover”
  • Some says “I am never drinking again”
  • Someone says “I need to get my shit together”
  • Someone says “I literally died last night”
  • Someone says “I can’t right now”
  • Someone brings up “Sunday Funday”
  • Someone wearing sunglasses indoors
  • You see someone who actually looked like they worked out before this (effing cheers to them)
  • You have to practically tackle the server to refill your water glass


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