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Reality Check: Brunch @ Tiny Boxwoods > Tinys No. 5

tinyboxwoodsweddingI’ve decided that if/when I get married if/when it’s in Houston. I will definitely be having some sort of bridal shower party/engagement party/rehearsal dinner/celebratory brunch at one of the Tiny Boxwood locations. But actually look how cute this Kat Creech event was. I’m only a little bit obsessed. I figure if I was one of those people who’s obsessed with weddings and Pinterest. This would go on there.

This past weekend, I had brunch at Tinys No 5.,  one of the three Tiny Boxwood’s locations. Located in West University Place, Tinys No 5. is basically a replica of the its sister Tiny Boxwoods. I don’t know what I was expecting since they are owned and run by the same people, but the two locations are basically twins. (A few months ago I brunched at Tiny Boxwoods).  Same wicker chairs with slate table combo. Same giant chalk board with the menu of the day. Even some of the same menu items. One difference was instead of tiny boxwood shrubs, white hydrangeas adorned the tables. Kind of a disappointment on my front just because I like trying new things, but in general Tinys No. 5 was pretty good.

The atmosphere of Tinys No. 5 is just the pinnacle of brunch spots. They nail the mandatory brunch formula of creative egg dish+ bomb drinks + outdoor patio. Super chic décor. Filled with fashionable (read: rich) people. The amount of children wearing clothing with value compatible with the cost of my rent was a bit comical. It’s also a tad feminine. There were probably more Louis Vuittons in attendance than men.

Upon the high recommendation of a friend, I ordered the Mint Lemonade. Delish. Although tbh, it could have been anything because it comes with the really good ice. You know the kind. The good ice that’s just the best. For food, I ordered the “South Side” dish because love me some spice to my eggs. It was advertised as scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese topped with avocado mash, house green salsa with a side of blistered tortillas. TBH. Not that impressive. First my dish was missing the cilantro topping. Second avocado mash is just that…mashed avocado. Third blistered tortillas were just rolled up corn tortillas. Like yay congrats on pairing those ingredients together, but I left a bit hungry.

Friends got the Mojito (awesome) and the Flat White (beautiful). For food it was another order of the South Side (this one complete with cilantro) and the West U Special. The irony being in that the West U Special was really…nothing special. It was just eggs, bacon, breakfast potatoes and a biscuit. Super standard breakfast entrée. With no twist in any way. Unless you count the jam being forgotten from the plate. After 15 minutes of basically tackling a waiter to go on a reconnaissance mission for the jam and get a side of ketchup to go with the meal, we felt anything but special.


If I am to come back to Tinys No. 5, I’ll probably stick to the drinks and the bakery items since that seems to be more of their forte. The food left a bit to be desired, especially with comparison to its sister Tiny Boxwoods.

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