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#BOXHAUL: Saawweeet

candy of the month candies 2

My ability to find companies to mail me things while I throw money at them is endless. Oops I did it again. This time: it’s candy.

Candy Club apparently is a thing and you pay a monthly fee ($20ish) and they send you three pounds of candies, from new and innovative sweets (yet to be demonstrated) to nostalgia-inducing desserts (uh yuh).

I got four tasty treats in my first box. Here they are in order of how much I binge ate.


candy of the month boxSweet’s Salt Water Taffy. Every year, I go to the Nutcracker Market and I weed through tons of people. I’ll buy a bunch of different stuff but EVERY YEAR I spend $10 on a cone of salt water taffy—as much as I can fit in that cone (I’ve gotten good at cramming a LOT in).

Approximate # of candies eaten: Let’s not do this right now.




candy of the month gummy bears

Haribo Gummi Techno Bears.  If you hate gummy bears, we can’t be friends. These are a little weird looking but so is Megan Fox’s thumb and Hollywood still lets her be a thing.

Approximate # of candies eaten: 10ish. They’re small..ish.






candy of the month sourSour Power Wild Cherry Belts. I’m not a sour girl. Not sure how I’m going to eat a whole tin of this. But, once you get past the sour coating, the chewy belt is great!

Approximate # of candies eaten: 2 strands (about 4 inches?)






candy of the month jelly beansGimbal’s Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans. Maybe these will grow on me, but they were just “eh.” I think the “gourmet” part means thicker shells (aka more sugar—my dentist thanks you.)

Approximate # of candies eaten: 5. Something was off.







Overall: Dude, where’s my chocolate?

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