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Whole 30: BRB in NYC (Week 2)

So, since starting my Whole 30 and having my first successful week (yay me!), I fell of the wagon (booooo).

I was traveling to NYC and honestly it was a nightmare (can you say 13 hours of travel delays? It still hurts me.) So, I decided to hang up the Whole 30 hat and just do what I want. It kind of sucked.

Well this didn’t.

But I realized that I felt healthier and lighter when I was on the Whole 30, and when I added back in carbs, dairy and and alcohol, I was back to being, I don’t know how to explain it, but not one hunna.

Then Monday came. And I went back to the all the rules. And you know what? IT ALSO SUCKED. AHHH. The break made it feel like I was starting all over again. I wanted the wine my friends were drinking more and I wanted bread, oh sweet Jesus, bread.

I find myself cheating little times. I bought super dark chocolate and I eat a tiny square after dinner. I just need sweets that bad, y’all. The struggle.

Another observation: I was told by a specialist that I have acid reflux. Since starting back up Monday, I haven’t taken my medicine. It used to be that the way I ate (and drank) triggered the WORST heart burn and I couldn’t go two days without the prilosec. But with the way I eat on the Whole 30, I don’t need it!

So, my restaurant of the week for this diet is… SNAP KITCHEN.

Did you know how amazingly Whole 30 friendly the new (and old) selections are? You do now.

Recipes I butchered or made up

Obviously, one cannot live off of Snap Kitchen (actually, you probably can). So I made up/Pinterested recipes for this week. Sorry, no photos. Too hungry.

  • Turkey loaf burger patty things. Ground turkey with whatever veggies you have (I had tomatoes, jalepenos and onions). Mix with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Cook in a pan like a burger patty.
  • Cilantro chicken (and fish, bc I ran out of chicken). This one was a pinterest fail. My chicken was dry and the cilantro wilted a little.
  • ROASTED CAULIFLOWER I LOVE YOU. Just skip the parm.

That’s all folks!

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