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A Houstonian’s Guide: Austin in 24 Hours

Of all the trips we have blogged about thus far, Austin is probably the most realistic one you can do in 24 hours–including travel time. Our wildly successful trip to Austin a few weekends ago hit all the major high points that a twenty-something-year-old would care about (and may or may not have inspired It’s Not Hou’s Travel There blog series!!). If you’re crunched for time, bringing an Austin-virgin to the city, or need to be back in Houston for Sunday Brunch here’s how we recommend you do Austin in 24 hours.

3:30pm: Designated departure time on Friday

Nothing ever goes according to plan, so despite trying to get all your work done early so you can skip the Houston traffic, sometimes 3:30pm departure time becomes 4:00pm, which becomes 4:30pm, which after last minute gas fill-up and snack pickup becomes 5:00pm….

5:00pm: Actual departure time on Friday

Have no fear, so long as you avoid 610, have a bunch of friends for the I-10 HOV lane, and bring a jamming playlist your mini-road trip will fly by and you’ll be in ATX in no time (aka around 8:00pm).

8:00pm: Dinner @ Trudy’s

The Mexican Martini is worth the drive and the inevitable wait for a table. Warning: they be strong af and the limit per person is 2. Pro tip: if you wanna get real ratchet, start with a house marg and then switch to the Mex Mart. Be sure to fuel up on chips, salsa and fajitas so you don’t die later on.


10:30pm: A Show

They don’t call Austin the Live Music Capital of the World for nothing. Home to SXSW, ACL and more, this city knows what’s up. Plan ahead and get tickets a big headliner, comedy show, or a quirky local band who make it their mission to keep Austin weird.


12:00am: Dirty Sixth

Head to Dirty Sixth (aka East Sixth Street in Downtown Austin) to turn up. Items on your Dirty Sixth bucket list: free shots from a bar promoter, Adios Muthaf*cka @ Aquarium, Lone Star beer tallboy, Flaming Dr. Pepper @ Cheers, pole dance @ Rooftop, ride the jackalope @ Jackalope, rooftop selfie @ The Blind Pig.  If wake up and don’t have 40 drunken snaps on your story using  the “6th Street” filter and the “Austin Capital” filter, you’ve done Sixth Street wrong.

2:15am: Drunk food

The perfect opportunity to hit up Kerby Lane. Although depending on the Uber surge charge you may want to stick around on Sixth Street and grab some late night nomz @ P Terry’s.

~The Next Day~

9:00am Breakfast @ Magnolia Cafe

You have 24 hours, this trip is not meant for those who sleep. That’s why you’ll find yourself up bright and early nomzing on the homecooked goodness that is breakfast at Magnolia Cafe.

10:00am Barton Springs

Believe it or not, but Barton Springs is the cure-all for any hangover. It’s a natural fed spring in Zilker Park (take advantage of all Zilker and Barton Spring snap stickers) that has a constant temperature of 68 degrees–pretty chilly for water–and grassy banks perfect for laying out. One jump into the water will shock your system real quick and cleanse the remnants of alcohol out of your system. We’ve started saying “I need to Barton Springs this hangover” after this trip. Pro tip: The whole park sucks and only takes cash. You need $5 to park, and $4 to get in, and then more cash if you want to buy water or anything like that.

1:00pm:  South Congress

Take your pick. South Congress kills it on the food front. From infamous food trucks like Hey Cupcake to Austin restaurant staples like  burgers @ Hop Doddy, pizza @ Home Slice , Amy’s Ice Cream, you won’t leave hungry. Be sure to take a pic in front of the I Love You So Much on Jo’s Coffee, wander through the eclectic thrift stores like Uncommon Objects, and take a pic with the South Congress snap filter.


3:00pm: Departure

Sticking to your 24 hour deadline, you hit the road around 3, probably taking a pit stop at Buc-ees (those billboards are just too perfect) for the bathrooms or Hruskas on 71 for a kolache.


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