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A Houstonian’s Guide: NYC in 24 Hours

Nope. Literally that’s what I thought when I decided to do the “NYC in 24 hours” thing. IMPOSSIBLE. I lived there for two months for a summer program at NYU, and there are STILL things I wish I did. I think I’ll give you options, for an either-or experience. Alas, here I go. I’ll ATTEMPT to tell you what to do if you want to do NYC in a day. Lord have mercy.

For a morning stroll: The High Line OR Central Park

Obviously, Central Park is your obvious choice if you’re a first timer to NYC. It feels like you’re walking through every movie you’ve ever watched. The High Line is a train-track-turned-park, and is a pretty big deal, like, architecturally.

For museum fun: The MET OR the New York Public Library

The MET: Pay what you can, but they have suggestions. Right next to Central Park. It’s an entire day by itself. You’ll get lost in the maze that it is, but you won’t care. It’s all so great! NYPL: Free, but usually only one exhibit. You get in, get out.

For brunch: Harefield Road or Tello’s Restaurant

Tello’s has drunch, where you pay like $30 and get all you can drink. If you’re a pro, this is what you do. Harefield is just super charming and cheap. For, like, $13 in cash, you get all you can drink coffee, an alcoholic beverage and an entrée.

For shopping: Chelsea Market OR Brooklyn Flea

Both are very comparable. Chelsea is always there, Brooklyn is only there during summer Saturdays.

For a trip into the telly for a snack: McGee’s OR Tom’s Restaurant

OK, so TBH, this is one you could skip, but it’s an OK plan B. Both are cool to selfie in, but the food sucks. Have a beer or a coffee, snap a photo and move on! PS. Tom’s is cash only.

For a view: The Brooklyn Bridge OR Top of the Rock

So, one is free (bridge) and one is $35 (Rock). One you see the entire city in one look (Rock) and one you fight with passersby to get a decent look (bridge). But whichever you choose, go at sunset. You’re welcome.

For dinner: The Republic OR Otto Pizzeria

Otto’s is delicious pizza and wine, oh and gelato. Republic is Asian fusion with a cocktail.

For evening entertainment: Broadway OR Jimmy Fallon

Again, one is free (Jimmy) and one is pricey (Broadway). Jimmy is a LOT of work. You have to get tickets ahead of time and wait around a lot. Also, it films kind of early. If you do Broadway, check out TKTS. Cheap tix, but you do the waiting in line thing.

For Dessert: Magnolia’s Bakery OR Serendipity 3

This just depends on whether you want your calories baked or on the rocks. *Warning: You will wait no less than an hour at Serendipity.

For a drink: The Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar or McSorley’s

McSorley’s is chill. You sit with strangers, and a gruff man slings beer in front of you. You have two options: Dark or pale ale. You get two at a time. Pro tip: Get one of each and mix ’em. Cash only, sawdust floors. Loopy Doopy is literally the opposite. You get a big ‘ole wine glass with a popsicle with it. Annnd you pay about $20 for it.

Pro tips:

  • Subway is your friend. Y’all it’s real easy. Man up and get a map. Get an unlimited pass if you’re staying a while.
  • Yelp things. I mean if you don’t love my fabulous guide… but seriously. The restaurant season changes like the wind.
  • SHOES, man. They need to be impenetrable. Like, I don’t care if they are crocs. If they don’t EVER give you blisters, then wear them.
  • DO NOT FLY INTO OR OUT OF LAGAURDIA. It might be cheaper, but you’ll pay in wasted time i.e. your delays.


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