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13 Times Kaitlyn Was Cooler Than Her Haters

Kaitlyn Bristowe is not a saint. She never claimed to be that nor is that a prerequisite for being The Bachelorette. When she was on The Bachelor, she did not mislead ANYONE into thinking she was one way (i.e. well-behaved romantic with idealistic dreams and a PC approach to things, like most Bachelorettes) only to come off another way (i.e. the sometimes crass, always silly, honest wordsmith she is) as soon as she secured her season.

She was always completely herself.

It’s why we loved her. It’s why we started the #IfItsBrittIQuit campaign. It’s why we legitimately would quit if Britt’s mane shared camera time all season. It’s why we made her mad libs and pretended The Bachelorette was Bumble.

Sure, we might have complained once or twice, but it was about Kaitlyn being too boring—bring on the jokes! We never wanted her to be anyone else.

This is why we love Kaitlyn as the Bachelorette. I love that she is “The Katniss Everdeen of The Bachelor franchise” and that she does and says whatever the BLEEP she wants.

I do NOT love that she has to deal with internet bullies and trolls because of it.

Last night on The Men Tell All, she faced not only her ex-boyfriends (or whatever they call them) who told her basically that because they left their jobs or lives for like 3-7 weeks, they deserved to not have to compete against Nick, too (fellas, it’s that sense of entitlement that’s probably kept you single this whole time), but also her internet enemies, who have been tweeting about her promiscuity and, ahem, “whore” self.

Basically, they are dumb. Eff the haters and as Queen Tay says, shake it off.

Here’s how awesome Kaitlyn is and all the times we fell even more in love with her:

1. When she told Chris to “plow her field”.

2. When she made fun of Ashley S., but IRL they are besties.


3. When she joked with Britt about not showering in the premiere.

4. When she was “what Willis is talking about.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 7.24.02 PM

5. When she made the guys sumo wrestle.

6. When she had a snapchat and did Bachelorette recaps from her bed.

7. When she snap chatted “fries before guys.”


8. When she laid in a coffin—no questions asked.

9. When all of the producers (and especially Chris Harrison) loved her.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.43.53 PM

10. When she told off Ian, and still is a good sport about it.


11. When she went on Jimmy Fallon and gave Questlove and Tariq roses.

12. When her and Amy Schumer hung out.


13. When she got her blooper roll.


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