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Houston Restaurant Weeks: Hear, Hearsay

So, we’ve done Hearsay on the Green for Brunch Klub, but we all know Houston Restaurant Weeks is a game changer.

Ahem, forgot what bliss HRW was? Refresh yourself. 

Hearsay’s prix fixe menus are solid. They have lunch and dinner daily, with brunch on Sundays.

Round one: Fried Mac ‘n Cheese, spring salad or gumbo.

Definitely loved the gumbo, but the Mac is definitely amazing.

Round two: Burger (black bean or beef) and grilled chicken with brussels sprouts.

The chicken with mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts made my lunch—so good and filling! The black bean burger tasted nothing like an actual burger. It was good! Just not a burger—fair warning.

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