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10 Things to Know Before You Go to a Dash Game

1. The Dash is the Houston Women’s Soccer Team. Hang your head in shame for not knowing that.

2. The Dash is NOT the Dynamo, but they play in the same stadium.


3. The Dash had three players on the US team for the Women’s Soccer World Cup. And in case you forgot, we won that sh*t. 

3. Parking is a bitch. The cheapest lot will be $10, but the closest lots will be $20. Consider the park and ride.

4. Carli Lloyd is the queen and we all worship her. She won MVP for the world cup, so if you have people screaming at her on a first name basis, that’s why.

5. The Dash’s colors are orange. Also like the Dynamo. Wearing Dynamo gear to a Dash game (or vice versa) seems to be acceptable.

6. Don’t have orange clothes because you have style? The gift shop is really cheap.

7. Two of the players are married once it became legal, and it’s adorable.

8. Don’t eat there. Just don’t. There really isn’t many food or drink options, so save your calories (and your $$) and hit up a fab downtown eatery before or after.

9. The stadium has no A/C and is uncovered. You will sweat. A lot.

10. We’re really good, and will most likely win.

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