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Houston Restaurant Weeks: Brunch @ The Grove

I love The Grove. It’s a beautiful, airy restaurant located in a fairly woodsy part of Discovery Green in Downtown Houston. You feel like you’re in a tree house when you are eating there. It’s really quite whimsical. So in enjoying all that Houston Restaurant Weeks is bringing to Houston, Brunch Klub mad a reservation and tried out the three course prie fixe brunch menu at The Grove.  Below are our impressions from the meal!

First Course

I would come back to The Grove again and again if I could just have the beet salad as a main course. I absolutely love the combination of golden beets, goat cheese, arugula and vinaigrette. Truly delightful! We pretty much all ordered the beet salad–exept for one girl who ordered the Chicken Pozole. Not sure what it was on the menu, but it turned out to be a soupe with verde pulled chicken, hominy, tomatillos, chiles and cilantro.

Second Course

As with many of the HRW meals we’ve encountered thus far, it seems like a lot of the dishes are prepped ahead of time to account for the huge rush of people that the restaurants have to accommodate. Unfortunately, this leads to a lack in quality for the meals as was seen in the chilaquiles. It was served lukewarm, and the egg was over cooked so instead of being a delightful and runny poached egg it was much closer to just being hard-boiled. Not impressed from a place with the caliber of The Grove. The smoked barbecue beef brisket benedict was a nicely portioned amount of food, and the house corned beef and potato hash was arranged beautifully. If I was a meat eater, I would definitely recommend one of those over the chilaquiles. Or the fried egg BLT which was served with some delicious fries!

Third Course

The dessert course was a choice of “morning bun” topped with various different ingredients. Out table sampled them all but the clear winner was the matcha with white chocolate, raspberry and pistachio. This was the one I got. Disclaimer: I don’t like sugar. I don’t like desserts. I’d much rather each french fries than a brownie any day. BUT I loved this dessert. It was amazing and I enjoyed every bite of it. The banana nutella one was a bit heavy and too sweet. And the bacon one, I didn’t try bc #vegetarian, but was told it was too meaty after a very meat heavy meal.

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