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That Southern Goods Good

Heights, what are you doing with your life. Shepherd and 19th has been boasting of a few new restaurants for months. The team behind Down House is about to open a duo of restaurants, and Southern Goods just opened a month ago just across the street. I scoped it out to get a low-down on it… you’re welcome.


The scene: As most Heights restaurants, this lil gem is hidden in a neighborhood off a potholed road, populated by trendy 20-30 somethings and touting great food. Challenge accepted.

The parking: Small lot and plenty of street parking. No valet only is every girls dream, right?

The problem: It’s small af. Maybe 15 tables? Sooo, a Friday night, 8 p.m. quote was an hour and a half to two hours. Oy vey.

The mood: The space inside is really nice. Exposed brick, wood tables, they aren’t messing around. It’s kind of loud and they have a patio with access to the bar, which makes it interesting. A sort of open-air space… in Houston. Good luck with that.

The drinks: I think there were cocktails, but they had me at the beer list. Try the Brainless Raspberry because YOLO. (It’s amazing… kind of like a shandy but I’m not actually sure if it is or not.)

The food: So, I think it’s Texas-style tapas (small plates, like a frisbee for a rat). On the menu they go from small (top) to large (bottom). The menu changes a lot, but the access to barbecue seems to be a thing (BBQ grilled cheese and pork belly), so there’s really no wrong order.

The verdict:  I’m not obsessed, but it’s a really, really cool place. I’m extremely interested in seeing where it goes as the Heights grows around it.

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