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The Royal Opera House comes to Houston

Like the arts? Ballet? Theater? A new and cool thing is coming to Houston….The Royal Opera House (yes the one in London) will be filming its operas and ballets and delivering live performances via movie theaters around the world. In case a ticket to a world class opera (let alone a plane ticket to London) isn’t in your budget in the upcoming months, these live cinema sessions enables audiences around the world to watch live performances from Covent Garden in your local cinema. Pretty cool no?

The screenings are hosted by much-loved personalities of the Royal Opera House with exclusive interviews and footage from behind the scenes. Allegedly, if you attend the movie during one of the live screenings, you can tweet your questions and engage with other audience members from around the world in real time. You gotta love technology.

There are two performances coming to Houston that are going to be aired at the River Oaks Theater: Romeo and Juliet October 18 and The Nutcracker December 13. I’ve got tickets to see Romeo and Juliet and am pretty excited to see what all the hype is about. Interested? Check out showings and get tickets here!

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