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Take Me to Neva Neva Land

Once upon a time, there was Wendy, John and Michael and there was a boy who wouldn’t grow up.

You know the story, and you probably have seen at least one of dozens of movies… and/or plays. Well, you probably haven’t seen Peter Pan 360. And even if you’ve seen every movie and play, you’ll be stunned.



Here’s everything else you need to know about the show before you go!

  1. Not just for children. The beer and wine bartender told me that. There’s also a wine garden thing for if you get there early.
  2. Get there early. There’s free parking on the street, or it’s $10 if you’re running late.
  3. The circus is in town. Literally, this set is like a circus tent.
  4. There’s no such thing as a bad seat. You get some backs to your, but that’s the nature of a round stage.
  5. Production technique on fleek. The stage is magical, that’s literally the only explanation of all the moving parts. It’s like these people do this show three times a day, for weeks on end, touring city to city, right?
  6. Cast is BAE. Tinkerbell is literally the funniest. Also, the pirates sing. Hint: the chimney sweeps who perform while you’re taking your seat? Those are pirates. The lost boys and the mermaids are acrobats. Just, everyone is so talented I can’t even.
  7. You’ll enjoy it as much as my mom and I did.

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