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Bike & Brunch in Houston for Valentine’s Day

Want a unique Valentine’s Day date idea that’s not all cliché roses, chocolate, and wine? We’ve got you covered! Houston is looking to have some fantabulous weather this weekend. Take advantage of it and sweat and celebrate V-day with bae (or your bestie!) with a unique date idea of Biking and Brunch.

Part One: Biking

Use your own bikes or rent them from B Cycle. Renting bikes from Houston B Cycle is easy and cheap. Basically, you can rent a bike for $5 a day and have an hour to ride around.  If you don’t check it back in within the hour you get charged $2 for every 1/2 hour past. Luckily there are lots of bike docking stations around the city, so you can customize your route. (See  also 10 Facts About Biking Downtown.) Download the B Cycle Ap so you have an easy-to-access map of where the docking stations are. Here are two routes that are fun to do:

Buffalo Bayou: Park your car on Jackson Hill and pick up bikes at the Jackson Hill station. Buffalo Bayou is uber scenic. It’s full of fun hills, great views of downtown and even has a dog park for a pit stop. See if on your bike ride you can spot all six of giant letter art pieces known as “Monumental Moments.” It’s about 7 miles if you go the entire distance from Shepherd to downtown and back.

Buffalo Bayou Trail

White Oak Bayou: Leave your car at Stude Park, and grab bikes from the Stude Park station. Head towards downtown and you’ll pass some fabulous artwork and end up at UH Downtown. You’ll have the choice to loop back the same way or take an alternative route that leads you through the First Ward Art District and through some scenic Heights neighborhoods on the Heights Hike and Bike Trail. Depending on how far you want to go, you can pedal up Heights Blvd or continue on to White Oak Bayou (which goes on forever past 610!).

Stude Park Bayou Trail

Part Two: Brunch

Depending on what biking route you take, there are a couple of brunch places that would be perfect to fuel your biking riding souls.

the kitchen at the dunlavy chandeliers

If you take the Buffalo Bayou route… the Kitchen at the Dunlavy is a perfect choice! It’s romantic with giant chandeliers, yet casual enough for sweaty park goers. You seat yourself, and if you’re lucky you can same side it on one of king-size benches. They have fresh juices, breakfast sandwiches and lunch salads on the menu. Checkout 5 Things to Know About the Kitchen at the Dunlavy for more deets. If you’re not feeling the super formal sit down, grab a coffee and cinnamon roll from The Mobile Mug food truck that parks in the Dunlavy parking lot. You can post up at one of the tables by Lost Lake and enjoy some delightful people watching. If you wake up early enough you’ll also be able to see runners completing the Rhythm and Blues Half Marathon along Allen Parkway!

coffee - ameliesIf you take the White Oak Bayou route…you have all of the Heights at your disposal! Really, anything on 19th Street or White Oak are good choices. Some of my (bikeable)/walkable favorites in the area include a homey brunch at Onion Creek Coffee House on White Oak or the sister restaurant Dry Creek Café on Yale, coffee at EQ Heights on Heights Boulevard, hip brunch at Shade.

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