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CosMedix: Your New Beauty Routine

12992175_10206069426044589_2045233652_nConfession time: I do a lot of sh*tty things to my skin… including (but not limited to): Going to sleep with my makeup on, forgetting to wear sunscreen, rubbing my eyes (#allergyseason), caking on makeup for events/Friday nights/always, and usually skipping out on my nightly beauty routine.

I know; I’m a monster and will be wrinkled before I’m 30. In my defense, I almost never buy my own skincare products. I have ~some~ favorites, but most of my products come from Birchbox and Ipsy. I LOVE that because I get to try new stuff all the time, but there’s no consistency.

Enter: CosMedix, which combines science/technology and natural ingredients in its products. PS! The company is getting a facelift (pun intended) and rolling out new, sleeker, shinier designs for its labels.

I traded my random and inconsistent routine for a bunch of CosMedix products for a couple weeks. Overall my skin is great. I struggle with acne, and that didn’t change (I didn’t trade any of my acne products), but my skin looked and felt better. Bonus: CosMedix products feel like spa products. I wanted to pay my roommate to put it on my face to the tune of some Enya with a candle lit in the room, but she wouldn’t do it.

Oh well, I tried. Here are the products I’ve used:

PurityDetox_webresPurity Detox Scrub

Multi-layer detoxification system with salicylic acid.

When I first popped open my scrub, I was already constructing my complaint email. The top was a little loose and CLEARLY the scrub dried out because what was left in my bottle was a sand-like thing. Then I read the instructions. Oops. Apparently, the product is a “just add water” kind of thing. Haha… I felt dumb. I put some powder and a tiny bit of water (you can also add the purity solution to make it oily) and srubbed my face. I also tried it with the purity solution, and I definitely prefer the oily. Boom, nice and clean.

PuritySolution_webresPurity Solution

Nourishing deep cleansing oil

This was another one that confused me. I figured it was something you just leave on. Nope. Novice mistake number two. Wash it off. I pretty much use this with the scrub mostly. They each really complement the other.

Pure_Enzymes30mlPure Enzymes

Exfoliating mask

I have an exfoliating mask like this, but I love it. Magic potion stuff right here. It’s a thin, sticky mask that miraculously rids you of dead skin. How? Great question. Let’s ask CosMedix. Spoiler: IT DISSOLVES IT. Oye. #Science.

Rescue+Rescue +

Intense hydrating balm & mask

This dull-use stuff is THICK. I don’t like to wash things away, so I first used it as a balm. I coated my face with the balm and headed for bed. It took a while to dry, and in the meantime my hair (and the cat’s) stuck to my sticky face. So, next time I rinsed or wiped some of it off after 5 minutes or so. Too heavy to try to leave it on.

PeptideRichDefense_B2CWebImagePeptide-Rich Defense

Moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen

Hi, you’re my favorite. I put this on mostly every day, and definitely when I plan to be outdoors. My nose ALWAYS gets burnt when I go sunscreen less. Guess what. Not a nose burnt on CosMedix’s watch. It wears pretty lightweight too.

Eye-Genius-CapOn-0.25oz-72dpiEye Genius

Brilliant eye complex

You know, I like to think I’m young and have a ton of time before I have to start worrying about wrinkles, but actually nah. We should all be focusing on everything we can do to prevent looking like leather. Also, a good eye cream can do wonders for how your eyes look NOW. Don’t wanna look tired? Eye cream is your answer. CosMedix’s formula is frothy and goes on easy. Psstt.. this is the product that has the new look. Whaddya think? I think it looks fresh to death. Like the spa product it is!

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