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Orange You Glad We Did Orange Theory Fitness again?

What do you do when you get to try Orange Theory Fitness again? YOU GO. You force yourself to go post-Friday night pizza and pre-Sunday brunch mimosas. Do it. You need it.

If you don’t remember, we have done OTF before. (And we survived!) This time, it was for a blogger event at the Town and Country location. Fellow bloggers and cardio? Hell yeah.

Overall, I love the idea. High-energy, fast-paced interval workouts. You sweat a LOT and never stand still. It’s go go go, but there are some variations. My only problem is this: I hate running (and walking, tbh). And a third of this is treadmill. Womp.

Anyways, we survived again, but this time, let me talk you though our thoughts during the 1-hour class.

14 thoughts we had in an Orange Theory Fitness class:

1. Arriving: OMG. Anastasia and I are twinning SO. HARD. We even have the same water bottle. Why. How?

2. Walking in: So bright. Many people. Is that a boa? Yay props! Photo sesh pre-sweat.


3. Putting the heart monitor on: Is this the right way? No? Dang, this is too loose. Excuse me, strangers innocently shopping in Town and Country, don’t mind my flashing you. Doing it in the name of health.

4. Walking in. It’s v orange in here, which is calming but not in a workout way. More like a nap time way. 

Photo Apr 16-3

5. Treadmill assignment. I was told to start on the treadmill. Eye roll. Sure, fine. Let’s get this over with. Walker or jogger? (You can pick which route to take; walkers have a higher incline and speed between 3.5 and 4.5 mph, but joggers’ base speed is only 4.5. Could do that.) YOLO, let’s start strong. Jogging it is.

6. Jogging 2 minutes later. Why TF did I do this to myself. I’m, like, already in the red (red means you’re super working hard). Can I change to a walker?! No. Stay strong, natalie. Just a few minutes more.

7. 30 seconds later. Ef this, I’m walking. Adding incline. Holy crap, how is this worse?! My CALVES!

8. Weights and rowing. 100 meters of rowing then 6 weighted squats (add 50 meters and 2 squats each rep). Not bad. I love rowing and squats. Or like, I don’t hate it as much as burpees. I’m killing this. YASSS.

9. Weight training set two. OH COOL BURPEES. So, we’re using this bouncy thing (Googled: Called a bosu) and using it to plank, and do burpees and stuff. I can barely do those WITHOUT PROPS. It could be worse. I could be on the treadmill.

10. Next set. COOL, TIME FOR THE TREADMILL. Being that I literally think the walking is harder, I’ll start with that and then end with jogging. I make my own rules. I’M AN ADULT.

11. Music. OK, so far I’ve liked 2.5 of these songs. I saw that they do Beyonce and JT classes. Craving hard for some Bey. I could get in formation on this treadmill.

Photo Apr 16-212. My score. Distracting myself. What’s my count like? Heart rate is high, duh, I’m dying here. Yay! Calories count is one of the highest of the group. What are those points? (Later found out that they are the minutes you spend in the orange or the red. SCORE)

13. Wrapping up. OK, I think I’ve for sure sweat more fluids than I’ve ever actually drank.That shouldn’t be possible right?

14. Leaving. I’ve earned a nap, right? Right. And that mimosa.


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