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A Houstonian’s Guide to: Baton Rouge in 24 Hours

When it’s not football season, Baton Rouge is a sleepy college town, which is the complete opposite of my actual college town (aka Houston, so, yeah). There’s one strip of bars, LSU campus, the capitol of Louisiana, and the Mississippi. That’s Baton Rouge.

I trekked down I10 (BTW, for 5.5 miserable hours) for a wedding, and we stayed an extra night so that we could explore. Little did we know… you don’t really need it.

Breakfast of beignets

Dough? Fried? Sugared? Dipped in coffee? Gosh, I love beignets. Coffee Call was recommended on multiple BR lists, so we ventured out to it in the rain. It was in the middle of a shopping center but when you walked in it was basically a cleaner Cafe DuMont. I got like all that stuff for like $5.

Morning run along the capital buildings

Full disclosure, I did not run this…. because I was hungover BECAUSE IT WAS RAINING. The capitols are separated by about a mile of riverside views. Definitely recommend a run/walk and especially exploring inside!


Lunch at the original Cane’s

That’s right, y’all. The origin of Cane’s started in sleepy BR. Expect just to eat a lot of fried things in BR.

Football game and tour of LSU (Geaux Tigers)

You GOTTTTTAAA geaux to LSU. You just gotta. Bonus points if you get to go to a football game!!! Shoutout to Mike the Tiger (in live and statue form).

Dinner at Capital Grille

Again with the fried food! We got this firecracker shrimp (fried then seasoned) and the fried (obviously) seafood platter. The fried fries were the best.

Have a Happy night out

Seems like everyone goes out on Third Street. There were a bunch of bars and it’s a cool college scene, but Happy’s was my favorite! It was very Little Woodrow’s — divey inside with a huge patio. A band plays there too! #Livemusic

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