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A Few of Our Favorite Things: June

It’s summer and I got the travel bug. And guess what? I’m not traveling. MAD ABOUT IT. Thank God I had some other things I love…. like…

Defy pilates.

FullSizeRender (174)More like Defy gravity. Ugh, my muscles ache just thinking about the workout that is Defy. Seriously, I’ve done some crazy workouts, like body pump, spin, spin and more spin, Orange Theory, and even a trampoline class, but holy crap, this weird machine thing and sliding up and down on it is absolutely the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

The After Party.

BK_AFTERPARTY_50387694Best friends, River Oaks, Houston skyline, fancy dresses, and wild parties. Is this my life or is this a book written about the 1950s in Houston? But the book also has a lot more drama than my life does. Oh, and lots of secrets.

I.E. secret babies, whirlwind romances, less-than-romantic romances, parents who don’t care, parents who care too much, society papers, drugs, you get the picture. Read it for the drama, sure, but also read it for the Houston references. It’s a page turner — a fast weekend read!

OITNB season 4.

ae73dcb8c5e74cf40739de356d94dd0e506bbc6e196ddf3ef6eb3ad9f95878f8cComplex, emotional reaction to this new season of Orange is the New Black. Here are some examples: Shock, fear, love, happiness, shock again, anger, MAD RAGE, MAD UNSTOPPABLE RAGE, ugly cry sadness, complete apathy. This is a show that has made me feel all the feels. I can’t.

Stella and Dot and Mostess Box.

We hung out with the hostess with the Mostess box and also shopped Stella and Dot with Lindsay Roh. I got this cutie clutch for summer!

Photo Jun 13


20160614_093608Summer means heat. Heat means I need water. Needing water means I’m going to find me a beach to chill on. We have Galveston, and you know how to spend 24 hours in it, but I’m also all about that vacay. TBT to #Mexico.

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