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Uchi: Fall in Love with the Fall Menu

Even though it first opened in Austin, Uchi is a must-visit for Houston visitors. And I was failing at being a tourist in my hometown, because I had never been to Uchi. Party foul. Don’t worry; I fixed it.

My first taste of Uchi was… extensive. This fall menu is NO JOKE, Y’ALL. Let me describe it for you.

Uchiveche and Kori Suika

Ceviche with salmon, tomato and leche de tigre

You had me at ceviche. Seriously my favorite thing right now (proof). AS IS WATERMELON. We started this dinner out strong with two of my favorite things. Into it.

Madai Nigiri

Japanese Sea Bream

white fish

Soo… when there’s white fish that isn’t white, I worry. No one is ever like, y’all let’s get some talapia sushi. Plus this fish had skin on it. Double worked. I YOLO-ed like a champ and ate it — fish side down, as told. It was pretty amazing and flavorful.


Avocado, tomato and anchovy


Anchovies are another thing I’m weary of. I say I’m not a fan, but honestly, I had never tried it before…. So. I changed that. Yolo. I ACTUALLY LIKED IT. The roll was warm and the avocado was crispy. The anchovies were just salty. Big fan!

Nama hotate

Dayboat scallop


Finally! Something I know I like! Seared scallops in a heart of palm puree with lil mushrooms. I ate ALL OF THIS (and it was a shared plate). My bad.

Akami te

Tuna and compressed watermelon


Tuna on watermelon. Same color, amazingly complimentary tastes. You eat this with a spoon, and I would have ate it with my hands if I need to.

Gyutan nigri

Beef tongue

beef tongue

My YOLO train was chugging along the entire dinner, but then it stopped HARD after trying beef tongue. That’s a texture I never want to try again. It felt like… TONGUE. Sure, maybe the flavors were OK, but I couldn’t get past the tongue (I assume you can allow that, right?!).

Sasami yaki

Coconut marinated young chicken in jasmine rice

Praise. Something non-tongue and non-sushi. It was crunchy and flavorful. Even the rice was delicious and not just a bed for the chicken.

Hotate shiro

Scallop, heart of palm


Taraba kanpyo

Alaskan king crab, summer squash

king crab

King crab was such a surprise for me. It was buttery and delicious. Also one of the most gorgeous plates of the night. I think this one was the crowd favorite, but I reserved that for the tuna and watermelon.

Gyutoro kanpyo

72 hour short rib and sunchoke

72 hour ribs

Our last savory dish was the ribs. Fatty and amazing. At this point, I didn’t know what or how I was eating, but I enjoyed it. And 72 hours is such a commitment. Impressed.


Buttermilk sabayon and elderflower

Definitely not the most beautiful dish, it was pretty solid. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything like it. Kind of tasted like a root beer float — don’t ask.

Thanks Uchi chefs! I loved every bit and bite (except the tongue, no thank you).


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