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Cat Cafe: It’s Coming

Update: The cafe is expected to open in April or May 2017 at 508 Pecore St. in the Heights!

A while back, Houston got the great news: We’re getting a cat cafe. As a cat lady, I was so pumped. Then MONTHS go by, but guess what. We’re coming through the home stretch, and El Gato Cat Cafe has had its first pop-up event.

The Preview

So, the pop-up’s purpose was to pique our interest (mission accomplished). The party had two things: A party and a cat cafe. We headed first for the cat cafe, and after waiting a WHILE (mental note: bring your patience to the cat cafe), we got into a holding room where we waited more. In the waiting room, there were pictures and renderings of El Gato (plus cat cookies and Fat Cat ice cream). Then, we were let in!

The Catmosphere

So, while the space isn’t official yet, El Gato made the temporary space its own. There were couches with cats, quirky pillows, cat trees, feather toys and really fun art. All indicative of what El Gato will be like in its own space. I feel like I’m missing something about the cat cafe though…

The Cats

Ah, my allergies sensed them before I saw them! (It’s tough out there for a cat lady with cat allergies). These kittens were all from the Humane Society, and probably all got adopted that day. I found that my fellow cat people were so generous. Every cat I played with had a previous human friend, and that human friend was so kind! “Here’s Harry, he is so sweet. Wanna hold him.” Yes, fellow cat person, I DO!

In Summary

See you soon and often, El Gato.

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