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Catch the #KusamaUniverse Before It’s Gone!



In case you haven’t seen, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston has a fantastic summer exhibit called Kusama: At the End of the Universe. See #KusamaUniverse trending all over Instagram. It’s only here for a limited time, so clear your schedule, take an extended lunch break and get your timed ticket to see the incredible art installation. The exhibit is here until September 18, 2016. 

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist who has been creating whimsical, Dr. Suess-like art installations for over 40 years. Shoutout to badass female artists  everywhere! The MFAH has two installations that you can walk into and immerse yourself in the dreamlike world that Kusama has created + take some funky af selfies!

The first is Kusama’s Love is Calling. Rainbow glowing tentacles hang from the ceiling and stand tall on the floor. The colors gently change as you hear Kusama’s voice read a love poem in Japanese. You’re in the mirrored room for about 5 minutes until you’re escorted out and onto the next room.

kusama1 kusama2 IMG_3508

The next room is Kusama’s Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity. This one is a bit eerie. You walk into a dark box with floating lights that resemble candles. You’re surrounded on three sides by a pool of water. The lights flicker on and then after a minute they flash off and you’re in complete darkness and they gradually come back on. In both pieces of art, Kusama experiments with the concept of infinity.



If you tweet or insta with the hashtag #KusamaUniverse, your picture will be printed out after you visit the exhibit.


If you’re looking to see the exhibit, know that you need a timed ticket and know that you need to get it NOW. But actually, the show is sold out for weeks and for many days sold out after work, as well. I went on Saturday in person and was disheartened to hear the show was sold out until September! However, the woman behind the counter was a badass and totally took pity on me and surreptitiously got me a ticket for the next day. She even wrote on the receipt “Don’t tell.” Oops. Sorry now I’m blogging about it. BUT ONLY CAUSE I LOVE THE ARTS.

The timed tickets are important because both exhibits are in tiny enclosed boxes, about the size of a two-car garage so only a limited amount of people can go in at a time. I didn’t realize this before I went as the mirrors and tricks of light make it seem so spacious. Get your tickets here!

kusama universe mfah houston

While you’re waiting for your time to go to the show, be sure to check out the other exhibits in the museum. Downstairs, the museum has a collection of pieces of art from artists that Kusama interacted with and knew during her life. And upstairs, there is a fanastic display of Post-War Paintings and Sculptures. I love abstract and modern art so this was a huge treat. Plus the James Turrell Tunnel is always a big favorite of mine. In the other building they have some art from African American artists + a history of photography display. Also check out the gift shop! They have giant blow up flamingos (for just $450 a pop) + coffee table books about Kusama’s life. You can see more images of her incredible works of art. The MFAH is always a great place to slip a little culture into your life.


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