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10 Things to Know Before You Go to WOMH Night Yoga

We’re no strangers to Raven Tower’s Sunday morning yoga (which is now only the first Sunday of each month), but unfortunately I have never made it out to the White Oak Music Hall’s night yoga with Black Swan. Until last week! TBD on when the next one is, but here’s what you should know!

1. Parking sucks.

TBT to when I thought Raven Tower’s parking was optimistic. Now that WOMH is open, that huge lot, plus the street parking, PLUS the WOMH lot equals a lot of parking. Yet I’m pretty sure at 8:33, I got the last one.

2. All the humans go.

WOMH yoga has happened, like 3 times, and I missed each one. Some how in that time, all of Houston fell in love. There were HUNDREDS of people there. Just FYI if you hate crowds; prepare yourself.

3. Donate. You might get a free class.

When you check in, you have the opportunity to donate. I tossed in a few bucks and the Black Swan lady gave me a free class! Two bucks = two classes.

4. Go early.

Because of all the humans and the parking probs, go early. I got there at 8:30 and I felt late.

5. Leave early — or stay late.

I went by myself, so I wasn’t particularly social. As soon as we all said “namaste,” I ran for my car. I was driving out while the masses were walking out. It was a lot. You could also avoid it by headed to Raven Tower for a drink!

6. Mission 1: find level ground.

WOMH’s lawn is brilliantly on a hill — perf for concerts, challenging for yoga. There’s a lot of level land at the front, so grab something up there.

7. Go to the bathroom before you get comfy.

At 8:50, I realized my bladder wasn’t ready for an hour of yoga. The bathroom is all the way in WOMH and on the second floor. Thankfully there was no line, and I was back on my mat by go time.

8. Swap sunblock for bug spray.

The bugs like yoga too. I think I breathed in like 5 and a dozen others must have bit me.

9. “Night” yoga isn’t “easy” yoga.

I’ve taken candlelight yoga, and it’s chill af. This yoga? This ain’t chill. It’s just as much a workout as Sunday morning.

10. Bring a thin mat. 

At Raven Tower, you’re on hard wood or rocks, but at WOMH, you’re on plush grass. I brought my thick mat and I wobbled a lot. My balance isn’t great as it is, so I wish I hadn’t had the extra challenge.

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