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Morningstar’s Brunch Menu Shines Bright

Y’all, North Main is so totally in right now.

Post-Sunday morning yoga at Raven Tower, we wanted a casual, sweat-friendly brunch and Morningstar popped up on Yelp. I *think* I had heard of it before, but the menu looked like nothing I expected: Donuts and Asian fusion. It was time to eat back all the calories I had just burned.

When google told me I had arrived at my destination, I realized I was RIGHT by Foreign Correspondents and Canard. Such a trendy place that also looks like a shitty stripcenter!

14302846_10207013887935546_1953676378_nOK, so we park and walk in. It’s an order-at-the-counter kinda place with a small dining room. AKA, don’t bring a big group. There is a small patio!

I study the menu and see that donuts, crispy rice and matcha all have huge presences on the menu.

I started with a donut that was amazing. It wasn’t as amazing as Boston, but Boston set the donut bar ridiculously high. The Matcha donut is apparently popular, but I picked raspberry with the homemade sprinkles.

I also got an iced matcha latte, which was just like all matcha I’ve ever had. Green and leafy.

For the main course (which was slightly and inexplicably delayed) was crispy rice. It was actually amazingly delicious. Warning: It’s not hot… it’s room temp. Everything else is expectedly pleasent.

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