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Breakfast Yoga Club is Back at it for Fall

Breakfast Yoga Club is a fantastic example of the yoga community coming to practice together in Houston. Since discovering this niche community,  I’ve been able to attend a few sessions in different parts of Houston including the backyard garden of the MFAH managed Rienzi House and the green plaza at CITY CENTRE and I only have good things to say!


If you’ve ever been to Black Swan Yoga at Raven Tower or White Oak, then you’ll love this class. Last year I blogged about my experience discovering BYC, and I am so excited to see the group regularly scheduling classes for the fall season again (they took a hiatus over the summer). The classes are free and occur on one Sunday a month from 9am-11am.

The classes I’ve been to are outdoors and I generally sweat a lot. It’s a natural, “hot” yoga class in the Houston heat. The classes are a fantastic way to break your routine, meet people, be outside, and get inspired by different teaching styles. Each class features four teachers from different studios in town. This past weekend at their “It’s a Hug Life” themed September class they had a teacher from Yogaleena and Namaste Yoga studios in Houston and two additional individual teachers, that you might not have found otherwise! They also had a little special session for kids on the side with Yoginos teachers.

The music is provided by DJ Kung Fu that provides a very distinct music beat. It’s bumping for sure, but not the typical pop hits you might hear at a Black Swan Yoga class at Raven Tower.

The Rienzi House is a spectacular venue for yoga. People layout their mats in the grass and around the pool. At both spots in the garden, be sure to bring a towel because this is Houston and you WILL sweat. If you end up in the grass section, bring a beach towel to lay under your mat to keep it clean / not slipping in the early morning dew.

To hear when/where the next BYC class is scheduled, subscribe to their newsletter or join the Facebook group. Of the nearly 300 people who attended last Sunday, over half the class was new to BYC, bringing so much fun energy!

Save the date for the next class on October 3, 2016 at the Asia Society!

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