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Quattro Brunch Buffet in Cuatro Steps

I’ve unintentionally had a bias against hotel restaurants. Like, if I’m not staying in the hotel, why go? Even then, I’d probably want to venture out to explore the city I’m visiting, right?  Well, apparently I’ve been missing out, because Quattro in the Four Seasons has a great brunch buffet. Here’s how to do it in cuatro steps.

Uno: Get the lay of the land and establish homebase.

I’d be remiss to say that parking in downtown, especially near the Four Seasons, is a bit of a headache. However, Four Seasons has complimentary valet for Quattro diners — just get your ticket validated.

Once you walk in, I think it’s on the fourth floor, you’ll see the hostesses, and they will get you a table. If you can, suggest one in the back, alongside a wall so that there’s not a lot of foot traffic. Once seated, wait a few seconds to order a mimosa (or maybe hold the OJ…) and/or coffee, and then: Time to eat.

Dos: Do a lap with a cheese plate


Not sure if I’ve ever seen such an assortment of cheese and meats at a brunch buffet, but this was really gold when I saw it. The cheese/meat table is right by the front between the desserts and the sushi (?! so cool). I grabbed a couple baguette slices and got some brie and jam on one and manchego and prosciutto on the other. Then, because this IS a buffet right and plates don’t have to make sense? I got a California roll too, haha. I stuck with the cooked sushi, because raw sushi in a buffet just sounds dangerous. I took a detour back to my seat to check out the other stations.

Tres: “Made to order pasta” are four of my favorite words

For brunch, the Quattro kitchen is opened up and you can go inside to get all the hot dishes. There’s so many options, it’s so impossible to choose, but my first stop was DEFINITELY the pasta station. First, the housemade pasta is cut and dumped in the water, then your veggies and meat starts cooking in a pan and you pick your sauce. In just a few, you have the most perfect amount of the most perfect pasta. I’m actually not exaggerating at all.

I got a second plate (and somehow carried both) and piled on little servings of the other hot food options. There was also ceviche and salads right outside the kitchen that I grabbed. The shrimp cocktail shrimp are actually the size of lobsters, fyi.

Cuatro: Enter sugar coma

I realized I had skipped the egg and omelet station, as well as the crepe station, so those could be your step 3.5, if you wish. I didn’t have it in me.

My last lap was first to the one of the breakfast food stations, where I got french toast and some delicious sausage (surprised me with how good it was), and then I went to the desserts. Honestly, most of the deserts are not worth the stomach space, but pick what looks good for you, and just don’t finish it if it sucks (buffet rule No. 1). The two winners for me were the macarons and the bread pudding. I could have actually only eaten the bread pudding that morning and be completely satisfied with that decision. That’s how good it was.

Optional step cinco: Roll out of your seat, down the elevator, and into your car — then take a nap

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