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A Complete Guide to Houston’s Breweries

Great Heights Brewery

Listen, we’re not called Brewston for nothing. Tons of craft breweries call Houston home, and we’re more than happy to have them. Actually, it’s getting a bit ridiculous to keep up with all of them, so we made this guide. You’re welcome. Hey, buy us a beer to say thanks! Ps. If we missed one, let us know in the comments!

As always, drink responsibly, y’all! Don’t drink and drive. I love, love, love Lyft — have you tried it? Create an account and get $10 credit! Use my code “NATALIE570713” and see ya out there!

Here’s a map with all the breweries in this guide! Warning: Do not do all in one day. That sounds dangerous af.

Karbach Brewing Co.

Karbach Brewing Co.

Karbach was the first brewery I fell in love with. Their space is dog-friendly, huge, partially covered (good for rainy/sunny days), and usually has amazing food trucks, not to mention the yum restaurant next door to the beer garden. Though, I gotta mention Karbach has a bit of a controversy going on within the community. A few years ago, Karbach “sold out” to Anheuser Busch, which rubbed fellow Houston brewers and beer lovers the wrong way. I know people who won’t drink Karbach any more, and would rather support true Houston breweries, but I’m not one of those people. Karbach still brews 100% of its beers in Houston, and the “sell-out” deal means Karbach will be distributed outside of Texas, so the rest of the country will know how good Brewston really is. Not here for debate! Just here for amazing beer.

Where: Spring Branch, 2032 Karbach St.

Hours: Monday through Friday (2:30-9:30 pm; tours at 3 pm, 5 pm, 7pm), Saturday (11 am-9:30pm; tours every hour on the hour 1-7 pm), Sunday (noon-6 pm; tours every hour on the hour 1-5 pm). The restaurant has its own hours. 

Prices: Tour + commemorative glass comes with three beer tokens and is around $12ish if I remember correctly.

Know before you go: This is also a great brewery to get a tour. Also, there are a few parking lots, and be careful of parking on the streets. Read more about Karbach here!

Get: Love Street is a solid pick, Hopidillo has a bite to it, and, if you’re a regular, get the seasonal to try something new.

Saint Arnold Brewing Co.

Saint Arnold’s

The one that started it all. Saint Arnold was the first craft brewery to really capitalize on the beer drink and chill movement. Now, they have a whole new beer garden and restaurant to play in — bocce ball, corn hole, big tic-tac-toe and more! It’s brand, spanking new, so expect it to be crazy busy.

The beer hall is still up and running and is great for events or all-weather fun! There’s a few food options, tons of beers and lots of tables. Think: Harry Potter Hogwarts dining hall seating. Bring some board games, food and settle in for a day full of drinking with your group of friends.

Where: Northside, 2000 Lyons Ave.

Hours: Beer hall’s open on Saturday (11 am-4 pm); beer garden is open Sunday to Wednesday (11 am-10 pm) and Thursday to Saturday (11 am-11 pm)

Prices: $5-$8 beers, free root beer. I think you can do a free pint glass with beer tokens for $10-$15.

Know before you go: Now dog friendly and always tons of parking!

Get: Lawnmower and Santo are the classics, but I also like the Amber. Art Car if you love IPA!

8th Wonder Brewery

8th Wonder

Definitely the most Houston-y brewery out there. 8th Wonder, named of course in honor of the Astrodome, is in EaDo and has the most perfect outdoor space for events. They do lots of yoga and beer events. Pro tip: sip your beers from the comfort of the original Astrodome seats and touch some of the astroturf on the wall.

Where: East Downtown, 2202 Dallas St

Hours: Monday through Saturday (11 am-10 pm) and Sunday (11 am-6 pm)

Prices: $5 beers or $15 for three tokens and a commemorative glass (it’s $12 for the three tokens if you want to just use a plastic cup)

Know before you go: The owners of 8th Wonder also own Eatsie Boys, so go hungry and hit up the food truck in the back.

Get: Rocket Fuel (coffee porter, best in the city) or the Dome Faux’m.

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

Buffalo Bayou Brewing is another one of the OG craft brewers that’s just grown a little slower than some of the bigger ones. I think Buff Brew’s big day has yet to come — they, like Saint Arnold, are currently building a new tap room and facility, so you can still check it out before they get famous. Their beers are pretty well known, and you can get most of them at most Houston grocery stores.

Where: Washington Corridor, 5301 Nolda St.

Hours: Friday (5-9 pm) and Saturday (noon to 3 pm)

Prices: $10 for a commemorative glass and a few beer tokens

Know before you go: Those hours are pretty limiting and the space is pretty small (think: standing room only), so plan your visit accordingly.

Get: The 1836! This one is named after the year Houston became a city. Great White Buffalo is also good for easy drinking, but the More Cowbell double IPA is a “go big or go home” choice.

Holler Brewing Co.

Holler is nestled away off a major road, but its area is super up and coming — there’s a new strip center across with restaurants and a nail salon and an Orange Theory, plus CycleBar is next door too and just opened up! V trendy, and Holler can say it was there before it was cool.

Where: Washington Corridor; 2206 Edwards Street, Suite A

Hours: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings (4-10 pm) and Saturday and Sunday days (noon-9 pm; noon-7 p.m.)

Prices: Beers are about $5-$8, but most have a small size option!

Know before you go: Hollar has an amazing view of downtown. Go right before sundown to really get the sunset and full effect.

Get: An IPA or a stout — what they’re known for! But I recommend splitting a flight and picking your favorite.

Eureka Heights Brewing Co.

Nestled in a mostly residential area in the Heights, Eureka Heights is such a fun spot to hang out. First of all, it’s in a huge warehouse with DOZENS of tables. It’s free to reserve tables for groups of 12 or more, but you could also rent the space too. There’s cornhole, trivia games and more.

Where: Heights, 941 W 18th St.

Hours: Wednesday through Friday (4–9 pm), Saturday (noon–9 pm) and Sunday (noon–6 pm)

Prices: $10-$12 for a flight, beers for $5

Know before you go: I think because it’s super neighborhood feel and party friendly, there were a lot of children and families there when we went. I swear, there was a 1-year-old’s bday party going on, which just makes zero sense to me. But, hey, if you have kids, this might be the brewery for you!

Get: I like the Mostly Harmless. The Buckle Bunny is v mild. Plus, y’all, they got wine! So your friend who hates beer will have something to sip on!

Under the Radar

Under The Radar

Very appropriate name for a brewery that, you guessed it, flies under the radar. It’s an all-outdoor brewery right next to Axelrad, but feels secluded and like you’re in someone’s backyard. It’s dog friendly and human friendly, with tons of events.

Where: Midtown, 1506 Truxillo St.

Hours: Wednesday-Thursday (4-10 pm), Friday (4-midnight), Saturday (10 am-midnight) and Sunday (noon-9 pm)

Prices: When I went, they had $5 beers and $10 to keep the glass.

Know before you go: They host a LOT of trivia — I went for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia trivia night and it was PACKED. No food, but typically a food truck.

Get: Radar Love or the Dirty Blonde — both yum and easy to drink.

Platypus Brewing Co.


I first had Platypus at some event, and assumed it was an Aussie beer that made the trek to Texas. Wrong! These outback beers were in my backyard! Rectified the situation by going a few times since my discovery for flights, food and board games! (And, one time, on a Christmas-themed pedal party — we looked ridiculous.)

Where: Washington Corridor;  1902 Washington Ave, Ste. E

Hours: Monday-Thursday (3-10 pm), Friday-Saturday (noon-midnight) and Sunday (noon-9 pm)

Prices: $6 beers; flights are $9 for four or $12 for six

Know before you go: You don’t need to be a beer lover to enjoy! They have wine!!! And yum food.

Get: The Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica beer (bc The Office) and fish and chips or the cheese fries.

Great Heights Brewing Co.

Might have saved the best for last here! Great Heights Brewery was my last stop on my brewery tour, and it was amazing. I went on a Wednesday night and had food from the cutest pizza food truck.

Where: The Heights, 938 Wakefield Drive

Hours: Wednesday and Thursday (5-10 pm), Friday (3-10 pm), Saturday (noon to 10 pm) and Sunday (noon to 6 pm)

Prices: $5-6 pints, $2 tasters to make your own flight (they put the tasters in muffin/cupcake baking trays!

Know before you go: The patio is dog-friendly but small. There’s an indoor tasting room too, and they do fun trivia nights on Wednesdays.

Get: I tried the Saison, the Wakefield IPA, the Kolsch and the Hefeweizen. I loved all of them, honestly, the IPA is very IPA-y and the other three were right up my alley.

Baileson Brewing Co.

baileson brewing

Gotta love a neighborhood brewery, and this is exactly that. Definitely one of the smaller breweries on this list, but size is not an indicator of quality. There’s a food truck usually, and some cornhole, but other than that people just hang with their dogs. By the way, the brewery was named after two dogs — Bailey and Jameson, I think. That’s why their logo is two puppers.

Where: Rice Village, 2322 Bissonnet St.

Hours: Friday (4-10 pm), Saturday (11 am-10 pm) and Sunday (noon-9 pm)

Prices: It’s only like $6 a pint, but $4 for a taster. So, if you’re designing your own flight, it’s really not worth it.

Know before you go: It’s pretty small — only a tiny parking lot. When I went one Saturday evening, most of the tables were taken, but I still got a spot in the lot and no wait to get a beer. It’s dog and kid friendly, but I highly recommend a no for both. It’s right off of busy Bissonnet, and cars go whooshing by on the regular.

Get: I tried the Scots d’Ale, the Masinghorn and the El Kapitan. They were all pretty solid; not sure I had a favorite. The Masinghorn was great if you love IPAs!

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Everything you need to know about Houston breweries. // It's Not Hou It's Me Everything you need to know about Houston breweries. // It's Not Hou It's Me

5 thoughts on “A Complete Guide to Houston’s Breweries

  1. While I was interested in your article, beginning with a macro-owned brewery owned by the owners of Budweiser left a sour taste in my mouth. There are a ton of great local breweries in Houston that you also left off this list that I would recommend over them. Anytime someone is actively lobbying against a small business there is a problem. #knowwhatyoudrink


  2. Love the breweries in Houston! All of those are a must see but since you mentioned we could point out the ones missing: Town in City (in the Heights) and some out of the loop like City Acre (definitely one my favorites because it is so beautiful over there and their food is delicious!!!!) and Spindletap (great IPAs)


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