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Sunday Dinner at Holley’s is a Fried Chicken Speakeasy


I had the amazing and unforgettable experience of eating Holley’s super secret fried chicken family dinner. I am forever changed. If you want to partake in the incredible evening, here’s what you need to know.

10 things to know before you go to Holley’s family night:

  1. You have to go in person to get your name on the list. Then, if you are accepted, you get to go!
  2. Dinners are on the last Sunday of each month.
  3. It’s a 6-person minimum per table. Some yelp reviews said that if you book six, you pay for six. Any back-out people, you pay for them.
  4. It’s $50 per person. That’s a set price, because….
  5. It’s family style. You’ll get 4 or so sides (they change frequently), plus a big ole pile of chicken and a boat of gravy.
  6. There are no menus here. Well, except for the wine list.
  7. There’s a parking garage, and valet. V necessary because of Midtown.
  8. You must have all of your party there to be seated. Make sure everyone is prompt!
  9. The dessert is amazing. We had a coconut cake with amazing frosting. Plus, it’s a huge portion… which means…
  10. You get to take your leftovers to go! Literally, there will be leftovers. You’ll get a half dozen boxes and a huge bag.

Here’s what we had on our New Year’s feast:

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